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What They Be Sayin: Early AFC North Predictions

What They Be Sayin: Early AFC North Predictions
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Most fans could care less what others are saying about their teams… unless its good news. This reaction is the same, if not more so, when its a power ranking. Nothing strikes a cord and is simultaneously dismissed like a good power ranking. If one such list has this much power, imagine if eight were copied on the same page? Naturally, this is what is presented below, rankings from eight popular sports websites for AFC North teams. Don’t blame me if your team is lower than expected. Number one, I’m just the messenger (and compiler). Number two, go back and read the first sentence of this paragraph (or do what everyone else does: blame your front office, coach, or quarterback).

I will be heading to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks, so I added what Vegas be sayin as well. What’s interesting about the Vegas numbers, is that some do not add up, especially when it comes to the Cleveland Browns.


ESPN 791028
SI MMQB181227
USA Today5151629
Media Average5.99.413.128.9
Vegas average6.714.31723
Super Bowl odds 20-1 25-1 40-1 115-1
Wins over/under9.
Line record9-6-19-79-72-14

One quick note on the table above. Regarding the “line record”, Vegas has published the early season lines for every game in the 2015 season. The records above reflect the team’s record if using the betting line on each game to predict the outcome. Vegas seems to be pretty consistent with three AFC North teams, but the Browns record is way off from their projected 6.5 over/under win total.

In terms of team ranking, the Ravens are number one in the North nearly across the board (but not by much in terms of record), and their average rank is consistent with the Vegas prediction. The Steelers are number two and the Bengals number three in both average rank and Vegas predictions, but Vegas isn’t nearly as bullish as the media projectors. The Browns come in last, but Vegas is all over the map with their expectations. According to Vegas numbers, the Browns are expected to end up with six to seven wins, which is consistent with a 23rd ranking, but the Browns are only favored in two of their 16 games this season.

Its WAY too early for any of this nonsense, but there isn’t much else going on in the NFL other than day 186 of deflategate.

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