1st Round Pick for Each AFC East Team

1st Round Pick for Each AFC East Team
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BillsBills: Kelvin Benjamin WR FSU

Tank. If you could describe Benjamin in one word, tank would be it. He is a gigantic 6’5 240 with massive arms and only 4% body fat. For the Bills this is what they need, a big guy on the outside who can have his way with anyone. He is fast for a guy that size, running around a 4.53 at the combine and if he trims down (currently 17 pounds bigger than most teams want him to be) he will be like Red Lightning. He is pretty raw as a receiver but as he learns the full route tree he can be an instant impact on the goalline with either a slant  or a fade. Outside of the redzone he can be a contributor on either a seam route or a post route as well as a slant pattern where his size and speed can be used to his advantage. Plus already working with EJ Manuel means that a connection will already exist. Some will think Mike Evans is better and in the short term maybe, but Benjamin is probably the most talented receiver in this class and the Bills can’t say no to that. Oh and did I mention he’s a tank?


Jets: Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma State

Jets starting CBs right now are Dee Millner and Kyle, neither of which puts much fear in opposing offenses. Justin Gilbert would give them another young talented CB to go with Millner. Gilbert is fast and physical and would be able to play immediataly against some of the bigger WRs in the NFL. Gilbert also has very good instincts with 7 INTs last year and can be a ball hog in the secondary  and was a great returner too. Jets need WR too but with this very deep WR class receiver can wait. Plus Rex loves defense and he won’t say no to an elite defensive talent.

DolphinsDolphins: Zack Martin OT/OG Notre Dame

The Dolphins used Free Agency to get a LT and one of the guards but they still lack a RT and LG. Zack Martin can fill in one of those and play at a higher level than the players who filled those roles last year. Martin was a standout and had a great combine and is either the 3rd or 4th best tackle, depending on your opinion of Taylor Lewan. Martin could quickly play LG and protect Tannehill’s blind side or play RT and help the Dolphins convert 3rd and shorts. Either way Martin would be a dramatic improvement of what they currently have and is nothing like the Martin who previously played for them.

PatsPatriots: Louis Nix DT Notre Dame

The Patriots run defense was 30th in the NFL last year, giving up 134 ypg. A big reason for that was the loss of Vince Wilfork who missed the majority of the season with an Achilles injury suffered against the Falcons. Now with Wilfork potentially gone, the Patriots could use a replacement to plug the middle and Nix would be the perfect choice. Nix is a massive 6’2 331 and has some quickness for a guy that size. Nix could contribute right away, taking up blockers and allowing the linebackers to get by..  With the Patriots losing Spikes already, they need a guy to desperately help a struggling run defense. Nix would be that guy.


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