2015 Current CAP-New England Patriots

Luciano 11

2015 Current CAP-New England Patriots
Luciano 11
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As we prepare for a new NFL year and Free Agency, beginning March 10th; this week we begin to look at our rosters and CAP ramifications. This is the third in the series, Bills and Dolphins were up first, and Jets to follow.

Below is the current roster set at 51 players, for a total of $150,980,797. The guaranteed portion of that number is $82,470,945. The Patriots have an actual $146,363,978 in active players, the remaining $4,616,819 is Dead Money.

The 2014 CAP was set at $133M, the new is said to be anywhere between 140-150M, I will use $145M as a barometer. If we use $145, the Patriots have $151,442,054 as a CAP number. $461,257 available to spend this year.

Some Notes to think of: If the CAP goes up so will minimum salary, therefore all the players making $435K will also go up, taking some of the CAP room

The New England Patriots are the World Champs, but with that comes some painful decisions. Clearly they had talent, now they must decide how to keep it. The are basically 18M over this past season’s CAP. Paying Revis a CAP amount of barely over 7M for 2014 has delayed the inevitable, and 6M of his salary will count this year, even if they choose to not excursive his option. Some will have to go.





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