2023 Week 10 Overreactions

2023 Week 10 Overreactions
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Historic. Memorable. Unbelievable. All of these words can be used to describe the AFC East’s performance in week 10 of this NFL season. Unfortunately for us fans of these teams, not for any good reasons. This was a week to forget for our teams, so let’s rub it in a little.

On to the losers.

In last place, the Bills. It’s almost like those things that jerk said about Josh Allen in his rookie year were true…He kind of does suck and turns the ball over too much to be a champion. I mean we all expected this game to be closer than it should have been, the Bills always almost lose to shitty teams. But they already lost to probably the shittiest team in the league, so most of us expected them to play poorly, but win it in the end. Josh Allen was terrible, turning the ball over three times himself (and really contributing to a 4th), moving him into a tie for the most turnovers in the league with Mac Jones. Yes, Josh Allen is in the same category as Mac Jones. The Bills suck, they fired their OC, but that’s not gonna do it. The HC has to go and it’s time to draft a new QB and start grooming him to take over, because Josh Allen’s peak is an exciting loss in the divisional round.

Oh yeah, these are the Bills, so we have to say that if their players weren’t hurt and if the refs couldn’t count to 12, they probably would have won.

And now to the second to last place team. The Pats. By 1pm on Sunday, I was sure that the Pats would be in last place in these rankings. I mean they suck. Like really suck. No one was actually expecting a win from the Pats (except maybe some of you all, I can’t get into this site anymore, my security software says it’s a bad place), but to see the way they blew this game was truly something to behold. There are still a few morons who believe Belichick can still be a good coach- although they are far and few between nowadays and likely hail from the North End and suffer the mental defects of inhaling molasses fumes their entire childhoods – but there are none left that believe Mac Jones’ brain isn’t broken. I mean his final interception of the game was truly something special. It’s not often that you see an NFL QB, even a third string, emergency guy, have a receiver (in this case TE) four yards behind the defense and make a throw so bad that the defender almost falls down trying to come back fast enough for the ball. I mean that was literally one of the worst throws I’ve ever seen a QB make. Bailey Zappe didn’t cover himself in glory either, making an almost equally as terrible throw to clinch the game for the Colts. Well, maybe the Will Grier Era is about to begin in Foxboro? Probably not though, because Belichick is still in charge and he seems determined to leave carnage in his wake when he leaves town in disgrace come January.

In third to last place, the Jets. The Jets are trying, they really are. But when Zach “MILF Cannon” Wilson is your QB, there’s really not much you can do except draft the Jets’ kicker in fantasy because he’s gonna get opportunities. There’s not really much to say about this game. It was a bad game featuring two bad teams, in prime time. The Jets were less inept than the Raiders right up until the end, but not even the elite Jets defense can slow down Aiden O’Connell when the game is on the line. I’m sure Jets fans were just having flashbacks of Tom Brady kicking their nuts for two decades. But Zach did get a chance to win the game. So he threw a pick. I mean come on, that’s what we all expected.

We had no winners this week, but the Fins were on the bye, so they get 1st place by default.

I would like to say that this was my first full Sunday of watching football this season, now that racing is done with. After this weekend, I’m thinking about doing some indoor racing out in the Midwest, just so I don’t have to watch the abomination that is the 2023 NFL.

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