2023 Week 4 Overreactions

2023 Week 4 Overreactions
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Well, it was another week in the AFCE. We had an interdivisional matchup between possibly the top two teams in the conference, a strong showing by one team that refuses to quit and a complete disaster of a game by a team that refuses to not quit.

As usual, we’ll start at the bottom. With the team that looks like they will be occupying this spot for the majority of the season, the Pats. This was as disgraceful as it gets really. The Pats looked like they had no business being on the field and that they really didn’t want to play. The team was listless from the start and the so called “elite defense” allowed the Cowboys to move up and down the field at will. Then, when their best two players went down, they all but quit on the day. Then there is the “offense”. I put that in quotes because although technically they are on offense, what Bill, Bill and Mac have cooked up hardly resembles an actual offense. Mac Jones has proven beyond a doubt that he’s irrevocably broken the Pats need to go back into the draft and try again (Zappe is not the answer). But back to the coach, who obviously has no desire to be an NFL head coach anymore, but is just going through the motions until he breaks the all time wins record. Unfortunately, what he doesn’t seem to understand is that his mere presence is never what made his team good, it was the all time great QB the whole time. I said it three years ago, and now everyone else if finally seeing it. This team will be among the dregs of the league until Kraft gets his head out of his ass and fires Belichick. Originally, I had predicted 6 or 7 wins for the Pats. Now I’ll be surprised if they get to 3.

Second to last place goes to the Dolphins. Apparently, it’s harder to put up massive points against an actual NFL team. The went to Buffalo and got beat. Pretty badly at that. Tyreek got a taste of what his kids and girlfriends feel like, as the Bills made sure to hit him, and hit him hard every time he walked on the field. The A- Chain was good, but all in all, the Fins got shut down on offense. And their defense is just not good enough to keep an elite offense down. The Fins are now sitting in a wild card spot, and will need to take care of business at home against the Bills if they want that easy run to the Super Bowl, but things aren’t dark, just not as sunny as they were last week.

Just below the winner’s circle, we have the Jets. And what a surprise it was to see the Jets turn it around like they did. The Cougar Kid came out in the 1 st quarter and looked exactly like he’s looked his whole career, awful. Then suddenly, he woke up and started playing like an actual NFL QB who has some potential. It was crazy and had many people outside of New Jersey and Long Island questioning everything they’ve ever known. The best quote I heard was, “Well if we can’t write this guy off, then we can’t write anyone off.” (I’m still writing off Mac Jones) The Jets are actually showing some fight, which is different. The young kids seem to be refusing to accept their fate as Jets and are determined to shake off the foul stench that has been hovering over their franchise for nearly half a century. Good for you Jets, good for you. Maybe (probably) you’ll even break that losing streak against the Pats.

And the only winner of the week, and number one team in the division, your Buffalo Bills. As we stated above, the Bills handled the Fins with relative ease. Josh Allen was as good as he’s been all year, mostly because he just got the ball to Diggs who just did whatever he pleased. To be honest, I was at the race track all day and watched exactly zero seconds of this game, so I’ll just anoint the Bills as “Back” and let the rest of the division try to catch up.

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