2024 Super Duper Wildcard Weekend Overreactions

2024 Super Duper Wildcard Weekend Overreactions
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Well, well, well, at least two of our teams got a chance to play this weekend and another made some news. So we might as well talk about it.

Last place, the Pats. The Patriots welcomed their first new head coach in nearly a quarter century this week when they introduced Jerod Mayo as the new man in charge. This move is interesting for a number of reasons. First off, the Pats used a nifty little contract trick to avoid having to go through all those Rooney Rule technicalities. And that just has to piss off all those old, racist NFL owners since they used the trick only to just go and hire a black head coach. But really the most interesting part of the Pats’ shakeup is that they gave a guy with no head coaching experience at any level the top job, and don’t seem to interested in finding a GM to help him build the roster. This can only go well.

Second to last place, the Jets. Since their third string QB got fired from his weekly YouTube spots, the Jets haven’t made any news.

Third to last, the Dolphins. Was anyone surprised that the Fins got their asses handed to them on a frozen platter? The outcome of this game was determined as soon as the weather report was released. The Fins didn’t want to even get on the plane, let alone go out in sub zero temps to play a playoff hardened team. Yes, the NFL Network (and I’m sure many fans) is saying that the Fins were riddled with injury and if they were at full strength, they would have made it a game. That is simply false. The only way the Fins had any chance of winning a playoff game this season was if it were played in Miami. But since the Fins choked the second half of the season away, that was never in the cards. Hate to say it Fin fans, but it may be time to start poking around the draft for a QB that can win in the cold. And on to the winner…

First place, The Bills. The Bills got an extra day to prepare for what we Pats fans used to call the ‘Tomato Can’ opponent of the playoffs. And they took care of business. Even if the game were played on Sunday, in the middle of the mild snow flurry, the Bills would likely still have won by 20. Mostly because the Steelers are bad and the Bills are good. All in all, this game was never in doubt, so Josh Allen didn’t feel the need to do anything stupid and risk it. Now it’s time for the Bills to move forward and see if Josh Allen can bring his career to new heights. Let’s see if they can exorcise their demons.

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