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A mixed bag for the Jets in their first preseason game.

A mixed bag for the Jets in their first preseason game.
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New York jets vs Detroit Lions Aug. 9, 2013

While the sample size was very small, there was still some obvious good and bad points to take away from this first preseason game.
The offensive line looked out of sync as penalties were excessive and the two new guards looked shaky in Peterman and Colon. The line gave no push in the run game which is a huge concern and the protection was spotty. This could all be due to gelling, or the less palatable reason, two weak links.
[dropcap]Sanchez[/dropcap]Mark Sanchez threw a pick 6 on a screen pass to a D lineman, but in his defense, the full back was completely taken out of the play and if a D lineman can get his hands up on a screen, the offensive Lineman did not do his job, which was the case, because as soon as the pass was released, the offensive lineman was disengaged which led to the Int. It is easy to just say just throw the ball into the ground but a qb has to trust his line, as plays unfold in a second or two. Sanchez almost had another screen picked off, if not for the breakup of the play by Winslow – That was disturbing.
[dropcap]geno smith[/dropcap]Geno Smith looked very unsure of himself and his footwork and command of the offense looked shaky, like a rookie in which he is. He had a some short safe passes and finished 6-7, but did not move the chains and was 3 and out, 3 times with only one first down before injuring is ankle and leaving the game, but as of now and luckily, the ankle does not appear to be serious. The bottom line is, Geno will need much more experience and time in a pro offense before he can be named the starter. His only hope is to light it up next week against the talent challenged Jags, and finish real strong down the stretch, if he is to be named the starter.
Stephen Hill who will be relied upon as a deep threat to open up the offense with Marty Mornhinweg’s hybrid WC offense, which takes many shots downfield, was very quiet. He will have to start picking it up so the offense has some room to work by keeping defenses honest and off balance.

The Running game was subpar. If Ivory and Goodson don’t come back and stay healthy, this could make life miserable for the offense. Powell barely averaged 2 yard per carry.
Rex Ryan made comments that he did not follow the offense as he had his hands full with the defense. That is not a comment one expects to hear from a head coach.

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