A Mock Draft Cuz Why Not

A Mock Draft Cuz Why Not
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The NFL season is coming to close in a coming weeks and the offseason will be hitting us in full stride. None of the HCs in the AFCE look to be fired neither do any of the GMs though you do have a  good case for the team in New Jersey making some change based on their head scratching moves. However assuming all stays the same and no one breaks the bank for Kirk “You Like That” Cousins the needs of all the teams will be clearly outlined.


New York J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!: Lamar Jackson QB from Louiville
A couple of years ago the Jets used a 2nd round pick on Christian Hackenberg who while talented had some wrinkles that needed to be ironed out. Instead of developing him, Head Coach Todd Bowles wanted nothing to do with him and kept him on the bench permanently and hardly gave him any development, instead sticking to veteran guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown who had no future with the team and they still have huge question marks on their QB who they at this point are pretending never existed. The Jets still need a franchise QB as that is the largest hole on this team and you need a QB to win. With Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold already scooped up, they settle for the 3rd best in Lamar Jackson. Jackson is the most electrifying QB in the draft. The past two years he carried a pretty bad Louisvillle team to great success. He can sling in and run and will give defenses nightmares. Some scouts want him to move to WR, those same scouts also thought Russell Wilson was too short to be a good QB. With the pieces the Jets have Jackson could come right in and have some success along with giving the media something to write about every time he has a interview.
Miami Dolphins: Connor Williams OT from Texas
The Dolphins Achilles heel for  years has been their offensive line as they spent very little resources on it and outside of Tunsil who might eventually be at guard, has question marks at every other position. They have talent at WR, their defense is adaquate, the only major hole is the offensive line. Connor Williams would fill that need as he is a top 10 talent who has fallen in the draft due to injury concerns and very inconsistent play this year after injuring his MCL and PCL.  He would fill the LT role and move Tunsil inside and give the Dolphins a dominating left side of the line. With the goal of keeping whoever their QB is next year upright, Williams would be a great pick to fill that.
Buffalo Bills: Vita Vea DL from Washington
After trading Marcell Dareus because of his affiliation with Doug Whaley, the Bills have a very large hole in the interior of their defensive line which will need to be filled. Vita fills that role as he is a huge dominating presence and is especially dominant against the run.  Plus with Kyle Williams nearing retirement the Bills need a true dominating threat for the long term on the defensive line.
Buffalo Bills Part 2: Malik Jefferson LB from Texas
The biggest hole for the Bills the past year has been linebacker especially in coverage.  They need their own version of Luke Kuechly and Malik Jefferson could fill that role. Jefferson did everything at Texas from being in coverage to lining up as an edge rusher or an interior blitzer, whatever you needed to do, Jefferson could do it. With the Bills running a zone scheme, they need a linebacker who can cover so players like Rob Gronkoswki don’t do too much damage in the middle of the field. With Jefferson, Sean McDermott has his captain of the defense who can control the middle of the zone.
New England Patriots: Josh Sweat DE from Florida State (more likely they trade out)
The Patriots defense has been weird this year, early on they were terrible as they realized their prized free agent Stephon Gilmore only wanted the money, then when they played terrible offenses they were the #1 defense in the NFL until they got beat by the terrible Miami Dolphins. The biggest problem with the defense has been the lack of a pass rush as they are only middle of the pack in sacks and teams have had time to air it out. To fill this need they go with Josh Sweat who fits the criteria of being injury prone. When healthy Sweat was a menace creating lots of pressure and showing why he was so highly touted coming out. He is a very good athlete who is solid against the run and can generate a pass rush. His numbers aren’t flashy as he played in a scheme whose lone goal was to blow 4th quarter leads but the tape showed he was a very solid terror who would give the Patriots some pass rush help. But more likely they trade back and use their 2nd round pick on another future bust at DB.

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