A Postseason Mock Draft


A Postseason Mock Draft
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With the NFL season over for the important teams in the AFC East, the off season has started and teams prepare their boards for the NFL draft and Free Agency.
J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!: Minkah Fitzpatrick DB from Rawl Tyde
The Jets have not drafted a player on offense in the first round since 2009 when they drafted Mark Sanchez, their greatest QB since Joe Namath. Continuing the theme, the Jets ignore offense in the 1st round, thinking Josh McCown is their long term answer at QB as they yet again pretend Christian Hackenberg doesn’t exist. So they will go defense yet and draft the versatile defender from the National Champion Tide. Minkah is considered this year’s Jalen Ramsey in that he is a freak athlete who some will think should play corner and other think safety. Whatever position he plays, he would be a multi year all-pro. The Jets seem to want to only focus on defense and yet again will ignore the offense and go with what they think is best player available.
Miami Dolphins: Roquan Smith LB from Georgia Bull Dawgs
The Miami Dolphins could go a couple of places. They could go with Derwin James but I believe he is extremely overrated and shouldn’t be picked in the first round (which means the Jets will draft him instead).  They could go offensive line or even spice things up and go Wide Receiver, however I believe they go BPA and get a player one person on this site loves, Roquan Smith. Smith is a new age linebacker who would give the Dolphins their own Luke Kuechly. Dolphins need a linebacker after the Timmons experiment failed and Kiko going to end up retiring due to concussions. Smith would be able to cover the middle of the field and not leave Big Play Clay wide open whenver the Fins play the Bills. Dolphins could go a couple of ways and they make the smart move and address a need instead of drafting a situational pass rusher.
Buffalo Bills Part 1: Mason Rudolph QB from Oklahoma State
The Bills are at a crossroads at QB. Tyrod Taylor is serviceable however he is not the long-term answer at QB nor a QB that can win games in the playoffs for you. QB is the biggest hole for the Buffalo Bills at this time. Tyrod most likely will not be on the roster in 2018 and the Bills probably won’t break the bank for Kirk Cousins instead taking a flyer on someone like Teddy Bridgewater. They will need a long-term answer at QB and Mason Rudolph is the guy they go with in the 1st. Rudolph has lots of attributes you like in a QB with a solid arm, pretty good accuracy and is the prototypical NFL QB and wasn’t as erratic as Josh Allen who people think is going top 10. The only real concern for Rudolph is transitioning from to the NFL offense which depending on who the next OC is could mean he needs a redshirt or he starts sometime in year one.  Rudolph has lots of tools you like in a QB and with the right coaching, could be a long term answer for the Bills at QB and lead them to the promised land: advancing past the Wild Card Round.
Buffalo Bills Part 2: Billy Price OL from Ohio State
The Bills have some concerns in the interior offensive line. Richie Incognito is old, Eric Wood is almost done and they want nothing to do with John Miller (despite being really good in 2016) because he was drafted by Doug Whaley. The Bills could decide to draft offensive line in the 1st to play either RG or replace Richie at LG if they decide to release him (for some reason). Billy Price is versatile interior lineman who could play either guard or center.  He would give the Bills a long-term answer at one of the guard positions who was picked by this regime.
New England Patriots: Pick was removed after investigation by Ted Wells for Refgate. Tom Brady was also suspended four games for throwing his phone away. 


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