All Aboard the Tyrod Train


All Aboard the Tyrod Train
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The decision was made, Tyrod Taylor named the starter. Rex originally wanted to keep it a secret until week one but in today’s social media age, information was going to leak.  Rex changed his mind and gave a press conference announcing Tyrod was the starting QB. The new era for the Bills has began with a flashy QB to lead it.

Tyrod is a new age QB. He is extremely fast and is probably the fastest QB in the NFL. As a runner he looks like Russel Wilson in how explosive he gets from the start and can make defenders miss with quickness. The other good news is Greg Roman brings an offense that will use this running ability. Similar to Colin Kaepernick, Tyrod can run the zone read and be used in a lot of run/pass option plays that could give defenders nightmares. With a running back in LeSean McCoy and wide receivers like Sammy Watkins and Percy Harvin, the run option attack could cause nightmares for opposing defenses.

But Tyrod is not a run only QB, no he can throw to. What has impressed me most about him is his short accuracy. On passes ten yards or under, he throws quick easy strikes and gives his receiver a change to make something after the catch (unlike Matt Cassel). He also has shown he can stay in the pocket. As the preseason progressed, he has been less eager to run, instead staying in the pocket and picking apart the defense with his arm. Tyrod is not a one read QB either, there were many times I saw him go scan the whole field and find the open guy underneath, despite there being clear running lanes for him. This could prove valuable as defenses have to account for his arm and leg.

That isn’t to say he’s perfect as a passer either, he still has some flaws. The intermediate passing game has been nonexistent for him as the majority of his passes have been under ten yards.  The middle of the field has been largely ignored and with Charles “Big Play” Clay on the team, that is an area of the field the Bills need to exploit. His deep ball is also hit or miss as it seems to hang at times, allowing the defender to catch up and make a play on it. Those are two areas he still needs to improve  to keep defenses honest about his passing ability.

Overall Tyrod is the flashy shiny new toy that gets fans excited. Tyrod is the new age dual threat QB which teams have to spend countless hours game-planning against.  His running ability will force defenses to keep a spy on him which will give favorable matchups to the other playmakers. His short passing ability will give Watkins and Harvin opportunities to take a short pass to the house. If he can improve on the other areas of his game, the Bills could be legit division contenders.


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