AFC East Fourth & one

Luciano 11

AFC East Fourth & one
Luciano 11
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Not much NFL news lately other than speculations regarding the Draft, but! We are in luck, our division still has Rex.

Buffalo Bills

I like Rex, but he sounds more and more like a disgruntled idiot. Amaro said one thing, and not sure the world disagrees, especially Bills fans. Rex has always run a relaxed, no rules team, so why get so uptight over it. The remarks below are like a child who is threatening retaliation, and that is a no no (see Saints). Rex has blown this out of proportions the way only he can.

Rex shut up!

“The kid’s got some talent,” Ryan told WFAN host Kim Jones. “I’m just going to leave it at that. I just know one thing: He totally misspoke, and talk about accountable — he’s going to be accountable when he go to play him. He’s going to be accountable for his comments.”

… As for the Draft, Rex will be holding news conferences about Amaro for the first day and a half, no news there. But the Bills do need OL help in a bad way. In order to run the football as often as this team will want to, a mobile OL is key. Bills need to draft Big Fatties that can come off the line and push upfield, and not the kind of fatties that plant themselves in the ground and it takes a bulldozer to move them.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are an enigma entering the Draft. This is a team that can make a move upwards, but to get what? The needs are glaring, #1 WR, OL, LBs, CBs and a RB. Of these the most pressing have to be OL and a #1 WR. As Decker learned last year, its hard to get opportunities without a #1 counterpart. GM 1a, Tannenbaum is not afraid to move up and get his man. If they do, I expect it will be for White at WR.

… Has anyone checked to make sure Joe is still alive? How does he keep his excitement level up during the off season?

New England Patriots

The Pats are entering this Draft, looking more like an Army that has lost half the troops to desertion, more so than the defending World Champs. Translation? The Draft will need to bring in starters at various positions: CB, NG, RB, and not to mention the depleted depth at OL, WR, LB. Bill will be Bill, move back to pick up extra picks. I can see the Patriots drafting a RB with their first pick in the second round. There are many of those in that spot. The hardest part will be to replace Vince; not easy to find a powerful fattie that clogs up the middle and can get to the QB.

… Has Kraft passed out? He has not been in the media crying for a while.

New York Jets

The team is entering the Draft with specific needs. Depth has been handled well by Maccagnan, in free agency. However, a QB is still a need. Fitz is injured, he will be the main competitor to Geno. I’m not sure the fans can handle another year of Geno, but if he does play, he will have a very short leash. A WR to replace Brandon Marshall next year can also be a consideration with the #6 pick. The Jets also need a speedy, game breaker type RB, that can catch the ball. OLB that can rush the passer is a glaring need. Not sure which way they go, but a trade back wouldn’t surprise me.

… Jace! Shut up, stop instigating Rex! It’s the off season and we again hear how hard Geno has worked to be the starter, LOL, enough with the nonsense!


Tomorrow or Wed. the NFL will release the schedules. Finally some news!

Bills/Jets would be a good first round match up for Monday Night Football, however NY teams will not play games past 1pm in week one, due to Rosh Hashanah. I would love a Jets/Pats Thursday Night opener, but it will probably be a non divisional game.

Week 2 Bills@Jets on Monday Night should be fun.


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