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AFC East News … Bills

AFC East News … Bills
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2013 Draft Pick Break-Out Year

This is the fourth and final of a four part series. Today AFC East News … Bills will be picking a player from last year’s draft for each team. I will tell you why I believe he will be a difference maker this season.


Kiko-AlonsoBuffalo Bills

#2 Kiko Alonso, ILB, Oregon

The Bills are hoping that their most improved player will be E.J. Manuel.  E.J. is the QB, and probably the missing link for a team trying to break .500 for the first time in years, and vie for the playoffs. I do believe that E.J. will have a much-improved season, but the player that will once again leave you amazed is Kiko.

I have read comments like “Bills got lucky”, “they had no idea who Kiko was”, etc. I do not agree at all. The Bills targeted this kid because of his unique characteristics. He can play both inside and outside. He has tremendous speed and nose for the football. He’s maybe a bit undersized, but that should change with time.

Kiko shocked many in 2013, but hold on, you may be in for another treat. In my opinion, he was the second best DR of 2013, and luckily, both are in our division.


My Take:

As we have seen this week, this division is loaded with young talent. Alonso is about to burst onto the scene in a big way. Bills fans should be excited; players like this don’t come around often. Kiko will be the defensive leader for a long time to come. He will be a perennial pro-bowler.

What I really like is his ability to find the football, and get there in a hurry. He is being moved from ILB to OLB, and that may only showcase his talents more. I hope he doesn’t overreach too soon and get caught upfield, but otherwise, I wish he played on my favorite team.

After this season we will say that the Bills may have turned past an ugly chapter, and Kiko Alonso was a huge reason why.




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