AFC East QB Grades

AFC East QB Grades
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Tua Tagavailoa: A reasonably efficient performance for Tua against a mediocre defense. The game was a lot closer than it should have been because, well, the Giants are awful. And they had their backup QB. But 73% completions for 2 TDs and a smoking hot 6 YPA is enough to get the job done against awful. Honestly though, Tua is showing a lot of improvement over the season, especially compared to his rookie year. The needle is pointing up, let’s see if it can stay that way against a soft schedule down the stretch.


Zach Wilson: The hapless Jets did hapless Jet things against the Eagles and Zach Wilson was a part of it. Still yet to complete a game without an INT, he managed a paltry 60% completions and, while he did chuck 2 TDs to kinda make it interesting for little bit, his 5.9 YPA was even lower than YAC Jones’ and Tua’s. He is showing some improvement in his understanding of the game, but far too little, far too late for this season. Maybe he can pull a Darnold and get some momentum going into next season. Because that helps.


Josh Allen: Again under constant pressure, with absolutely zero help from the run game (also due to a putrid O-Line), and with the added spice of facing 30 – 50 mph winds, Josh Allen somehow managed to accumulate 145 yards passing and complete 50% of his passes despite several drops. Unfortunately, even adding 40 yards on the ground, Allen simply cannot win football games by himself. It takes everything he has just to keep it close when he has next to no support from his team. The cannon, however, was on full display for the first time this season, really, so that was kinda fun. Too bad it didn’t end up scoring more point.


Mac Jones: No, this isn’t sour grapes. The dude attempted three whole passes. Literally anyone could have handed the ball off in this game and gotten the same results. His first pass into the wind was saved by an amazing catch after floating so much it should have given the Bills enough time to recover from their busted coverage (but they didn’t, because they’re bad).


Basically DNP.
Editor’s Note: Please, someone be stupid enough to hire Daboll as a head coach. Please. The Bills are never going to win anything with that clown calling plays. He’s had one good game out of 12 this whole season.

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