AFC East Recap: Part 1

AFC East Recap: Part 1
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Week 1 is finally over as football is finally back. For three teams it was a great week as they were able to secure victory but for one team, it was a disaster.


Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills had low expectations coming into this year. After making the playoffs, the new regime of McBeane decided to tank this year. The offensive line is terrible as they took no effort to replace the two players that retired or replace Vlad Ducasse. They also thought Nathan Peterman is a NFL starter.  Well as many expected, Peterman is not worthy of a NFL roster spot. He was horrendous on Sunday, missing throws, being conservative and overall not moving the offense at all. After a while the yanked him to put in Josh Allen who at least ran a couple times and moved the ball a little bit.

The defense was just as bad as the offense as Joe Flacco (yes that Flacco) shredded the Bills defense which was supposed to be even better this year. This was a complete loss with nothing to look forward this year. At least Hockey is coming back soon.


Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins had some hype as their starting QB Ryan Tannehill was finally coming back. However the weather wasn’t ready to see his debut so the game against the Titans was delayed multiple times and it was actually the longest game in NFL history.  When they finally played, Tannehill was serviceable as he threw the ball minus two picks and the offense scored some points. Frank Gore confirmed to be a robot as he was still chugging along in his 30th year in the NFL. On defense, even with Suh gone his legacy lives on as the Dolphins continued their path of taking out opposing players by injuring Marcus Mariota and Delanie Walker. It worked as with Mariota gone, the Titans had no chance to win and ultimately loss. Now the Dolphins are 7 games away from the promised land of 8-8.


New England Patriots

The Patriots started their quest of 12-4 with the Houston Texans coached by former Patriots assistant Bill O’Brien. O’Brien like most ex-Patriot coaches wants to remain in the good graces of the Evil Emperor and will intentionally lose a winnable game to do that. Tom Brady looked like Tom Brady as he did a good job as usual despite having a bunch of nobodies at receiver and Chris Hogan.  The only negative was having Jeremy Hill on the roster and playing. On defense, it is hard to say how good the Patriots were as it was obvious O’Brien was throwing on purpose. We will see how good the Patriots defense is next week.



The Jets were on the up and up as they were starting their 1st round pick and excitement was in the air. It didn’t start off well as Sam Darnold threw a pick six on his first throw. After that, Darnold calmed down and had quite a game shredding the defense of the former Patriot Matt Patricia. The Jets offense actually looked competent and shows what happens when your GM isn’t clueless (looks at Miami and Buffalo). On defense, the Jets defense was on fire, forcing turnovers and shutting down Matt Stafford who ESPN thinks is elite. The Jets had their best game in quite a while and I doubt they will be this good all year. Sam Darnold should be doing his best Mark Sanchez impersonation soon.

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