AFC East Week Nine Predictions

Luciano 11

AFC East Week Nine Predictions
Luciano 11
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Teams are starting to separate themselves from the contenders and pretenders. Patriots already basically won the division, can the other three keep up? Or make the playoffs? Two were supposed to, fought all summer over it, and they have a rematch this week.


This is kind of a funny prediction, I mean, does anyone believe the Patriots will lose to the Cousins led Redskins?
Redskins are banged up all over the place, defensively and offensively. Add to that equation the lousy QB situation, and a road game, visiting the undefeated defending champs, and you basically get a bore of a game.
Patriots are the best team in football as of today, unless they lose this week, even SR Rankings say so (unanimously). This team can beat you anyway your heart desires. They can run it up your gut, if your team sucks against it (see last week’s game). They can pass it and kill you with it, if you are good at stopping the run (see the Jets game). They can match you defensively if that is what God Belichick decides (see Bills game).
Patriots by a landslide 41-17


The Jets are on a two game losing streak, the first under Todd Bowles. Both games were on the road against the class of the league and all the way to Mars’ Land in Oakland.
The Jaguars are a fun team to watch, I have to admit, FF has forced me to pay attention to them, like never before. Their duo at WR of Robinson and Hurns lead the league in TDs. Bortles has shown glimpses of what lays ahead. The running game has struggled a little, mostly because of injuries. Julius Thomas is finally healthy, and his presence will give the QB a weapon he has lacked to date. Defensively they do enough to stay in games, and win some too!
The NY Jets, the second place NY Jets, are a mess! The defense made Carr look like an All-Pro. Cromartie was beaten regularly, Thank God his contract is year to year. Revis sucks and has slowed down, at least that is what I hear. Up front, this front 7 is old and can’t stop crappy Murray from running. Time to stand up and be counted!
Offensively they score, or at least do when their QBs are not running wild talking hits all over the field. Fitzpatrick is playing, but he has two banged WRs in Marshall and Decker. Decker has actually not practiced yet this year, he just shows up for games, and puts up numbers. I think Brandon got jealous, so he decided to fake an ankle bruise. Enunwa is still suspended for trying to be more like Greg Hardy. Owusu has had more concussions than Cameron, and he was let go. Little Kerley is back and giving it all. Ivory forgot how to run, so what if his hammy hurts, wuss!
This week its back to basics, or I have a feeling Todd Bowles may lock them in the stadium until they learn and execute what he preaches. This Jacksonville team is not playing the pretenders from this summer, it will get killed, Jets 31-13


The marquee game-of-the-week! This is a revenge game, and a must win for both sides.
The Dolphins are coming off a reality check game at NE, where Dan Campbell’s lore dropped a few notches. Dan has this team playing a lot more inspired than Dead Man Walking. Defensively the Dolphins are still a mess, mostly do to the lack of overall talent and depth. Add to the equation the loss of Wake, and the problems have just increased in number. Grimes is not the Grimes that earned a contract after a return from injury. Suh is still to be found, and that simply is not good enough.
Offensively the Dolphins have only really scored against two teams. Tannehill is not playing like the Tannehill everyone expected, his numbers don’t lie. What I am noticing the most, is his lack of pocket presence. Knowing where the pass rushers are, and avoid them. Granted the OL sucks, but he doesn’t help them at all. WR position is doing great things with Landry, and the once fan discarded Matthews. RB is a mess, Lamar is not being Lamar at all. He runs well, disappears for entire games. I do blame Lazor the most, his game plan sucks at best. Labor’s game plans seem designed for the players to fit his desire, and NOT to use players’ skill set.


The Bills are also on a two game losing streak, breaking the up and down trend of earlier. Defensively, Rex has no idea who he has, or doesn’t have. Rex’s schemes are not working with this unit. This is a gut check game to say the least, especially after letting the Jags back in the game, and losing on a long TD pass late.
Offensively, the Bills are scoring, but they have missed Taylor at QB. EJ’s days in the NFL are numbered in weeks, 8 more to be exact, and he didn’t help them as Roman expected. LeSean McCoy is back and healthy, and even with Karlos out, this is great news. Sammy Watkins, is somewhere in limbo, and Percy is acting like the baby he is.
This game will come down to running the ball, and I just don’t see how Lamar can out-gain McCoy and Taylor. Both defenses have given up a lot of points, equally to be exact, and that will not help either down the stretch. If the Bills lose there are possibilities of getting back in a WC fight, but in no way the Dolphins can recuperate from a loss. The Dolphins own no tie breakers, and that means 10 wins at the very least to get in. The Bills are a bad matchup for the Fins, everywhere, and although Dan has them playing with more desire than the last time they met, it will not be enough. A loss and the Dolphins will need to go 7-1 in the second half just to have a shot. Rex is 1-5 after a bye week, about to be 2-5, Bills win 27-20


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