AFC East Week Seven Recap

AFC East Week Seven Recap
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What a Sunday! We had a London disaster, a Miami massacre, and a Boston shot heard around the world.


Bills @ Jaguars
My pick, Bills win 27-24. This was a disaster of epic proportions. Now, let’s not make this out to be the end of life as Bills fans know it, but it was a bad loss.
The Jaguars are a pesky young team, and they can step up and beat anyone in any game. The Bills were totally outplayed in the first half. EJ Manuel looked like a HS QB that was asked to start an NFL game. Mistake after mistake, led to a huge Jaguars lead.
In Jaguars fashion, they didn’t hold on to it. They have given up leads all season long.
Rex’s team scratched and crawled back into the game, and actually took the lead with a few minutes to go. Then ……….
The Bills defense fell apart. The unit that was supposed to be among the top 3, allowed the lowly, Bortles led Jags to drive the length of the field for a long TD pass to Allen Hurns. The Bills defense didn’t step up. Rex has to go back to the drawing board to see how and why this unit has regressed towards the bottom of the league. It will be a long two weeks, and Rex’s record after a bye week is 1-5.


Texans @ Dolphins
My pick, Dolphins win 21-17, oh man what a massacre!
Aside from picking the winner, I could have never predicted this outcome. I figured, shut-down Foster, and this is a win for sure, but the win was more of a collective achievement.
Let me start with Doom, the Texans. I am getting tired of writing that this staff should be gone, and I’m not even a fan of this group of underachievers. I would take Mallet, give him a ticket to XNA (NorthWest Arkansas Regional) and tell him to stay there until further notice. Maybe a little pot smoking back in his old stumping ground can bring him back to reality.
Dan Campbell is proving one thing: in order to improve the soup, you do not necessarily have to change the ingredients, all it takes is a change in the cooking style. Kudos to him, and at this point he has to be the favorite to retain the HC job. I for one, was not in favor of a mid-season change, however he has proven me wrong.
The Dolphins, 2-0 under Dan are on a roll as they travel to Gillette for a TN game. Miller is back, and Tannehill played like the Tannehill everyone expected. The Dolphins have surpassed the Bills in the standings, and that has to be a bit of a tragedy for some. Congrats Dolphins, a totally deserved win!


Jets @ Pats
My pick, Jets 24-23. I really felt the Jets had a shot, even with the game being at Gillette. I was wrong.
The Jets came out sloppy. After Ivory re-injured himself on the very first play, Fitz fumbled the ball. Pats took over inside the Jets 20, but the defense held, and a FG was the only damage. That FG was the only really offense the Patriots managed for quite sometime, as the Jets kept the ball and drove often. Eventually the better team took over and won the game.
Jets lost their punter night before the game, and Maccagnan called the only one that could get to the team in a hurry, former Jets, Weatherford. Weatherford was actually doing his radio show, and he received the call during a commercial intermission. Unfortunately for the Jets, Weatherford’s leg is just about dead, and his punts resulted in numerous great field positions, especially at a time the Jets were dominating.
Calvin Pryor was on Gronk until he got hurt, and to that point Gronk was kept under wraps. Eventually that changed too, as Gronk was taking Gilchrist for piggy back rides.
I actually feel good how my favorite team played,and losing to the defending champs in Foxborough is nothing to be ashamed of. Not many teams will walk away from Gilette with a win.
The Patriots are still the best team in the league, and defeating the only competition they had left in the division was like a shot heard around the world. Beware!!! They still own the AFC.

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