AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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Jury’s still very much out, folks, and it may very well come down to the final weekend of the regular season for this mess to sort itself out.

After all, last weeks’ first place team is now in last.  The last place team is now second.  The Bengals are properly schizophrenic.  And the Steelers seem as if they’ve done nothing yet to change their fortunes…until tonight, that is.

Barring any last minute surprises or changes, we’re all dying to see what will happen tonight.

Enjoy today’s AFC North afternoon links.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have historically fared well after bye weeks.

My Take:  They’ll need every advantage to beat the Saints, who, despite last weeks’ loss, boast one of the bigger home field advantages in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns

In perhaps the most over-reported story of the day, suspended wideout Josh Gordon has been officially reinstated by the NFL and is eligible to play.

My Take:  Gordon will play, but despite what the article claims, I would guess he’ll be limited, at least for the first couple of weeks.  He’ll be dealing with a new offense and over two months of inactivity, so expecting him to play at his previous level is unrealistic.

Cincinnati Bengals

Tight end Jermaine Gresham went a bit further on Twitter today to make amends for an unruly Saints fan yesterday.

My Take:  And the Jerk of the Year award goes to…

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ron Cook of the Post-Gazette declares the Steelers out of the playoffs if they lose tonight.

My Take:  Drama sure has found a place on Cook’s columns of late, as has his tendency towards hyperbole.  The Steelers would be in no way finished, but it would certainly decrease their margin for error.  Yes, they’ve found ways to lose in games they were favored to win.  This won’t be one of them.


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