AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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Clinches and hamstrings and tears…

Oh my.

We witnessed plenty of the above in yesterday’s AFC North games, as the Steelers held on for a convincing, playoff-clinching win against the Chiefs, the Browns had a valiant but ultimately futile effort in their loss to the Panthers, and the Ravens…well…


With one game left on the AFC North Week 16 schedule, I’m sure we’ll all tune in and watch the Bengals perform their prime time magic against the Broncos tonight.  In the interim, here’s a few links.  Enjoy.

Baltimore Ravens

The Texans had plenty to say after handily beating the Ravens.

My Take:  I can’t disagree with a single statement the Texans made, as it’s not idle boasting if you backed it all up on the field.  The Ravens appeared to take this game and team for granted, assuming a win by simply showing up, and they certainly paid the price for it.

Cleveland Browns

Rookie cornerback Pierre Desir made a statement yesterday.

My Take:  Clearly no fluke, Desir proved that small school (Lindenwood University) products are capable of handling their responsibilities on the NFL level.  The fourth round may have been far too late to select the talented Desir.

Cincinnati Bengals

Here are three keys to tonight’s game for the Bengals, who have yet to beat Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in nine attempts.

My Take:  Given all of the statistical nonsense about this game, I have a feeling the Bengals may rise up and win this one.  One could say that “they’re due” for a prime time victory.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have learned how to finish games.

My Take:  Ball control is one of the most important aspects of a successful team, and it’s made a real difference for the Steelers late in ballgames, particularly recently.


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