AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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Midweek stuff.  Hmm…

Kind of hard to come up with news items when Wednesdays are the equivalent of a media blackout in the NFL.  Other than injury updates, there’s usually little to report on.  Fortunately, my crack staff of researchers is on hand to take care of most of that stuff.  Hey; get me a beer, will ya?

Here’s the latest from around the AFC North.  Enjoy.

Baltimore Ravens

Nose tackle Brandon Williams has been solid against the run so far this season.

My Take:  Williams has the size and athleticism to last for quite awhile at the nose, and he’ll only get better.

Cleveland Browns

Bill Livingston of the Plain Dealer offers his take on suspended wideout Josh Gordon and the impact of the NFL’s errant drug policies.

My Take:  Pretty accurate.  I was happy to see that Livingston holds Gordon to task for his relative stupidity, despite the reduced penalty.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals may indeed be blacked out this Sunday.

My Take:  85%?  I’m surprised that’s unattainable for the Bengals’ fanbase, as they have a successful team and renewed title hopes.  I’m not sure what this indicates beyond the obvious inference that they just don’t care.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Right tackle Marcus Gilbert is looking to rebound.

My Take:  Gilbert had a rough go of things against the Ravens, but should fare better this week against the Panthers, who gutted their defense during the offseason.


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