AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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The football world is still perplexed after last weekend.

Really, who can blame them?  How often do we see ESPN’s beloved Patriots being lambasted both on and off the field?  How regularly do the Vikings win with a rookie quarterback?

And how often do the Steelers drop games to inferior teams?  (Pretty often, actually.  Which may make THEM an inferior team.  But we shan’t dwell on that.)

It’s a topsy-turvy world we live in (just what in the hell does “turvy” mean anyway?) and we have to continually adjust to the Sybil-esque nature of our beloved game.  That fact that this is essentially a rewording of a similar post of mine simply proves that there are very few places one can find consistency anymore, NFL-based or otherwise.

Enjoy today’s AFC North links.

Baltimore Ravens

Rookie safety Terrence Brooks has earned more playing time.

My Take:  It’s about time.  After watching presumed strong safety Matt Elam flounder in a coverage role, this move can’t happen too soon.  It’s the reason Brooks was drafted, after all.

Cleveland Browns

This Browns / Titans preview is highlighted by the possible return of running back Ben Tate.

My Take:  Tate will have a tough time breaking into the Browns’ current backfield rotation, as rookies Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell have both staked early claims to the AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year awards.

Cincinnati Bengals

Rehabbing rookie quarterback A.J McCarron is learning all he can from the Bengals’ veteran quarterbacks..

My Take:  Why not?  Although neither QB has experienced any playoff success, they’re more than capable of teaching the basics to McCarron, who will most likely be the sole backup to incumbent Andy Dalton next season.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Linebacker Jason Worilds hasn’t been in position to do what he does best.

My Take:  Kaboly’s on point here.  Regardless of the formation, it seems clear that Worilds was retained to rush the passer, and he should be getting every opportunity to do that, especially on third downs.


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