AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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And he’s back!

And happy to be back, mind you.  I’ve missed you wags, even though you’re habitually mean to me and my work.  Just to show you that all is forgiven, I’m going to provide you with a wealth of good, informative AFC North links, because that’s a real treat for you football-starved troglodytes.

(Just reread the last sentence.  Now I hate me.)

Enjoy today’s roundup.

Baltimore Ravens

Here are 11 numbers/stats that stand out after Sunday’s dominating victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, most of them concerning quarterback Joe Flacco.

My Take:  Let’s not get carried away, fellas.  Flacco had a superlative day, but if history is any indication, a dud is peeking over the horizon.

Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer is 24th on the pay scale for NFL starting quarterbacks.

My Take:  Heck of a bargain so far, as recent report indicate Hoyer has been the best deep passer in the NFL through week 6.  If he continues to post numbers of this sort, he won’t have to worry about his payday next season.

Cincinnati Bengals

Offensive coordinator Hue Jackson has assembled a historically dominant offense this year when compared with previous versions.

My Take:  The well-traveled Jackson has arguably the most talent to work with than any other stop of his career, and he’s quite capable of using it all, as the results show.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Linebacker Jason Worilds believes talent isn’t the problem with the Steelers’ defense.

My Take:  I tend to agree.  The front office hasn’t forgotten how to draft or the coaches how to coach.  It’s a matter of the players taking responsibility for their assignments and executing on the field in the midst of a roster decimated by injuries.


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