AFC North Afternoon Roundup – Running Back Edition

AFC North Afternoon Roundup – Running Back Edition
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Some backfield developments to report in the AFC North today…

Baltimore Ravens’s John Eisenberg believes that running the ball gives the Ravens to best chance to succeed.

My Take:  Um…duh, John.  Running the ball effectively is never a bad thing, despite commissioner Roger Goodell’s opposition to running games in general.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns waived seldom-used running back and former starter Ben Tate.

My Take:  Understandable move, given the depth of the Cleveland backfield, but odd as far as timing.  The Browns had nothing to lose by keeping Tate on the roster until the end of this season.

Cincinnati Bengals

When rookie running back Jeremy Hill gets a lot of use, the Bengals win.

My Take:  Hill is, in my opinion, the best back on the roster, as Gio Bernard hasn’t proven he can stand the rigors of a starting job.  If the Bengals don’t give him the starting job permanently, they’re limiting their chances of a playoff berth.

Pittsburgh Steelers

After his well-covered walkoff Monday night, backup running back LeGarrette Blount has been released.

My Take:  Tough to believe this was an isolated behavioral incident with Blount, who had been rumored to have been a disruptive influence in the locker room.  If so, good riddance.


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