AFC North Week 1 Predictions

AFC North Week 1 Predictions
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Welcome to the AFC North predictions page!
Each week, one of our AFC North feature writers will list their picks for that week and be forced to explain why they voted as they did. Keep in mind that these picks are for entertainment purposes only, and in no way should be used to influence gambling or illegal activity, unless you’re smart enough to recognize that we know more than you because we publish things.

This week, you get comments from MORE than one writer. After all, it is week one, and it is the defending NFL champions vs the Pittsburgh Steelers. Speaking of the Patriots, we didn’t mean to “bug” you with another predictions piece but felt like we had to at least “record” something so it could be reviewed later in our undisclosed meeting room.

On a side note, every AFC North team starts the season on the road. I don’t have the Elias stats, but that has to be fairly rare. Another stat in the “has to be rare” category, two of our four authors picked the Steelers to win tonight.

Jack Crawford:
Patriots 30, Steelers 20
Angry Brady usually means Winning Brady. Against the Steelers’ secondary, the Patriots could conceivably put up 50 points.

Broncos 31, Ravens 24

Early-season Peyton rarely loses, especially at home. No miracles for Flacco & Co. this time.
Bengals 27, Raiders 14
The Raiders have improved, but not enough to beat playoff-caliber teams. The Bengals also seem to do well early, and are largely healthy.

Browns 20, Jets 13

One good defense v. another, as opposed to two questionable offenses…I’ll go Browns, because their cagey veteran QB is more physically gifted than the Jets’ cagey veteran QB.

Wernike Korsakoff:


Steelers 31 Pats 28

Look for Ben to lean on Antonio Brown and Heath Miller. Facing an inexperienced O line, the Steelers must pressure Brady.

Broncos 27 Ravens 20

Manning will be fresh and Denver’s D looks solid. The Ravens don’t have proven receiving talent and could struggle in the run game. A late Ravens TD makes this game look closer than it was.
Raiders 20 Bengals 17
This score could easily be flipped.

Jets 17 Browns 13

Ryan Fitzpatrick makes the difference here. Look for solid defense and a field position game (read: punt-a-thon).
Paul Johansson:
Patriots 34, Steelers 21
I agree with Jack, minus the angry Brady. When he is threatened he usually sheds a tear or attempts an up-kick to the genitalia

Broncos 27, Ravens 26
The Ravens D will keep this a little closer than last year while Peyton adjusts to life under center.

Bengals 24, Raiders 21
The Bengals have too much talent on both sides of the ball to lose this game, even on the road.
Browns 13, Jets 10
In a game where special teams might be the key, the Browns will find away.
Michael Thompson:
Steelers 31, Patriots 28
Broncos 31 Ravens 17
Bengals 21, Raiders 17
Jets 16, Browns 13

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