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AFCE / AFCN – Weekend Discussion

AFCE / AFCN – Weekend Discussion
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Johnny Football Manziel


I figured Johnny Football needed a weekend dedicated to him, he would appreciate us…maybe even join in?


Clowney must be wondering what he needs to do to matter in the media, because he may be the first pick, but there is no question that he is the media darling.

We have read about his antics in college and all the attention he attracts fir years now. His start in the NFL is even bigger than his college days; the kid is without question a Marketing Machine.


Before its all said and done, Manziel will either be a total flop, or put Cleveland back on the map the way Jim Brown did.


My take:

First off all enjoy all the videos. Many are comparing Manziel to Tim Tebow, I don’t agree. Tebow was never a QB, a good athlete wiuth a desire to win larger than most. Had he had Manziel talent, today Tebow would be bigger than Manning, Brady, Rodgers or anyone else.

Johnny Football is actually a good QB, also with desire to win and carry a team on his shoulder; however, that desire and the media circus will be a huge problem. I hope the Browns management knows how to deal with this mess, because his talents are there. They need to bench him for half the season or more, bring him back to Planet Earth. Have the media go away, and allow the kid to be a football player…….but will it happen? I sure hope so, he is a good kid, but he has made this bed for himself, now he needs to make sure he lives up to expectations




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