AFCE Preview: The Battle for the Wildcard

AFCE Preview: The Battle for the Wildcard
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The AFC East will have three games this week as the Bills and Patriots wrap up the week on Monday Night. Technically all four teams are still in the hunt which means the last nine weeks might be important in regards to just barely getting in. The Jets and Dolphins get to play easy teams which means they should pull away with the win, but it is the Jets and Dolphins which means they will lose in epic fashion.


J-E-T-S vs the Houston Watts

The Jets are reeling from a whacky loss to the Bills in which their HC pulled a Rex Ryan and stopped doing what was working. This week he gets to play the Houston Texans who is starting TJ Yates, aka the greatest QB in Houston Texans history.  It is also a reunion sort of for Ryan Fitzpatrick as he gets to play the team he played for last year. The Houston Texans are really horrible but due to playing the AFC South and getting Primetime Andy last week, are somehow still in the AFC South race. The Jets defense should shut down the Texans offense as outside of DeAndre Hopkins, they have absolutely nothing.  Revis will have his hands full but if Bowles decides to blitz, the defense should keep it close.


The offense is another matter as they get to face JJ Watt who if left one on one, will cause havoc. The good news if Fitzpatrick can get the ball out quickly and the Jets have a pretty good receiving corp and RB who can make plays after the catch. This is a nice bounce back game for the Jets and they should win. Jets 27 Texans 13


Going For the Record


The Dolphins lucked into a win last week as they got a nice break due to the Mark Sanchez showing himself. This week they get some horrible luck as they will be facing Tony Romo instead of Matt Cassel. The biggest storyline is if the Dolphins will break the record for most consecutive games with a safety. If Ryan Tannehill was smart, he would intentionally get a safety just so he will have something in Canton. Nevertheless, the key for the Dolphins is to utilize the weapons on offense and release the Jay Ajayi, the best RB on the team by far. Tannehill has done a great job throwing the ball less than ten yards and they should continue that this week with the Cowboys front four sure to dominate the subpar offensive line. The Dolphins will probably end up scoring 20 to 30 points which should hopefully do the trick.


However, the Cowboys are in win now mode and with Tony Romo back and a Dolphins defense that can’t tackle, the Cowboys win. Cowboys 23 Dolphins 21


Kiss The Rings


Now we conclude with the biggest game of the week for the AFC East as the Buffalo Bills look to avenge their week 2 loss and beat a hobbled Patriots team. Rex Ryan still is obsessed with the Patriots as he seems to enjoy talking about them than his own team. Hopefully unlike week 2, Rex will actually use his talent and play press man pressure concepts against a banged up Patriots offense line. With the secondary finally having a second real safety, Duke Williams and Rambo should only be out there situationally which means the big plays the Bills gave up due to those two will be mitigated. If the Rex Ryan defense does its job, the Bills will win because their offense is finally starting to figure out how to have someone not named Tyrod Taylor run the ball.


For the Patriots there is a possibility they might overlook this game, especially if the Osweiller fails in Denver and Peyton gets rushed back. The Patriots are missing their top receiver threat and the new Shane Vereen plus half their offensive line. However they still have Gronk, Brady and the Majestic Stork which is more than enough. The Patriots offense should have success as Rex will yet again play off coverage to stop the big play. Amendola will be the chain mover on offense as he will replace Edelman as the feature receiver. The run game now goes through Blount and recently the Bills run defense has taken a step back meaning they should have success there. The Pats offense will score points, but the key will be if their defense can slow down the Bills offense like it did week 2 and can start playing prevent in the 4th.


The Patriots are on a rampage with their biggest goal is to go 16-0 and make it to the Super Bowl and lose to the New York Giants. Rex Ryan doesn’t know how to use talent on defense which means this has the makings of a shootout, especially if the Bills offense can play like they did against the Dolphins. Patriots 31  Bills 20

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