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AFCE Saturday Oct. 31 Links

Older AFCE
Luciano 11

AFCE Saturday Oct. 31 Links
Luciano 11
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Schedule of Articles

Join Us Every Day  5-10am: Morning Links, from 10am on, see below

  Sun. 11/1: AFCE Tailgate Party-Week 7

 Sun. 11/1 @ 1pm: AFCE GameDay

Mon. 11/2 @ 10 am: Dolphins Game Recap by cacalle
Mon. 11/2 @ 2pm: Fourth & One – Week 5 recap by Luciano11
   Tue. 11/3@ 10am: Recap by ArcherNoles1863
Tue. 11/3@ 2pm: AFCE Hero & Goat of the Week by Luciano11
 Wed. 11/4 @ 11am: Slick’s Weekly Overreactions by SlickVinny
   Thu. 11/5 @ 10am: Rankings and Stats
Thu. 11/5 @ 2pm: Totally Unbiased Prediction by cknuckles60191
 Fri. 11/6 @ 10am: Dynasty FF League Rankings by nossorc
Fri. 11/6 @ 2pm: Preview by ArcherNoles1863
Sat. 11/7: Weekly Predictions-Episode 7 by Luciano11

My deepest apologies to all, I have been traveling for work all week, with little time to write a picks column

Older AFCE

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