AFCE is in the SB!

Luciano 11

AFCE is in the SB!
Luciano 11
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A lot has happened last 9 days, most of it has been negative news. But there is one positive, one of our teams is playing in the Big Dance!

I am all for penalizing the Patriots, but lets face it, it will not happen this week. There is a SB game to be played, and as much as most of us would like to take BB, Brady and Kraft, tie a rope around their necks and drown them off of Nantucket, truth is, we are all a bit jealous too!

Here is a simple question.and please be honest with your answer: This is directed at Jets, Fins and Bills fans. If I said to you, your HC and your QB will be accused of cheating, in return your team will be playing in the Super Bowl. Guess what? If you said I rather have an honest boring HC and QB, you lied!

As a longtime fan of the AFC, I always want to see us win it all, even if its not my team; this year is no different, but there is one small problem, the Seattle defense. Wether you like the Seahawks or not, for most bloggers, this is by far the best defense you have seen. They are not great pass rushers, not great run stoppers, they do it all. In my lifetime, the Bears were by far the best, but that was an era without the CAP. An era when teams didn’t pass a whole a lot. The Chicago Bears were bullies, the Seahawks are controllers. They control your game flow, and make you do exactly what you think you should do, only to beat you up at it.

In the last 48 games, the three seasons of Wilson, their losses were all close games; the biggest loss was to the Chargers this year by 9 points. Guess what Wilson is not why. That defense keeps them in games. They stifled and shackled the most prolific offense we have seen in years, the Denver Broncos of 2013-4, in last years Big Dance; they will do the same to the Patriots.

This team will run it down your throat and punch you doing so. Stop Lynch, Wilson will run it efficiently. Put 8 in the box and their receivers will beat you. This offense is not fancy, not hard to figure out, they simply come at you. The Patriots are not great at stopping the run, and their strength this year has been stopping the pass with Revis. The Dl cannot pressure the QB, this is not a good match-up, and I see another SB like last year.           Seattle 34 – Patriots 20


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