AFCE Slick Weekly’s wk 17 Overreactions


AFCE Slick Weekly’s wk 17 Overreactions
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Well the AFC East was flipped on it’s head this weekend, up was down, right was wrong and one QB decided that his real self would arrive just in time. Let’s get after it.



How does a team replace the Miami Dolphins at the bottom of the rankings pool? They lose to the Dolphins. The most disappointing and frustrating season that Pats fans have endured in nearly a decade came to a close when Claude Belichick took the JV team down to Miami and tried once again to win a game 0-0. And what have we learned happens when you play to not lose a game? You lose. This game was an absolute disgrace and the coaching staff of the Patriots should be embarrassed by the way they quit on their team, their fans and the entire community that supports them. To be quite honest, this las month has shown me that Coach Belichick and company don’t care that this team is the lifeblood of the entire five state region and they are a bunch of pouty crybabies who can’t handle adversity. I wrote a week ago that Coach should just retire alongside Brady, after Sunday’s showing, I think he might just need to hang it up now. I’m sick of defending and rooting for a guy that expects the utmost respect from everyone around him, but shows none for anyone else. To be honest, I’d rather be 6-10 than have to put up with another season like this one.


Next up we find the MVP candidate and his New York Jets. Is anyone really surprised that the Jets failed to make the playoffs, or that Fitz reverted to his normal self when the pressure was on? The Jets are an organization built on a solid foundation of failure, the owner has never achieved anything, his greatest accomplishment to date was winning the race to the egg, the quarterback will always come up small in big spots and the defense has more holes than the finest of Swiss cheeses. Faced with a win and you’re in playoff scenario, with only their buffoon of an ex-coach standing in their way, the Jets proceeded to be the Jets. They got down early and never stood a chance, the vaunted secondary who’s salaries add up to the gross GDP of all of the Central American countries combined got torched by a guy from Clemson and a TE that not even the Miami Dolphins wanted. Hey, you have to admit, it’s pretty cool that the Jets only missed the playoffs by a game or so.


And on to the winners.


Floating on the surface of Biscayne Bay, we find the Miami Dolphins. The Fins entered the weekend by firing their GM Dennis Hickey, who just two years ago was being lauded by Fin Fans the world over for the fine job he did building the roster. His draft picks were sure fire home runs and his free agent signings were sure to make everyone envious of the Fins. Well not so much, but have no fear, Mikey T and Dynamite D are here to save the day. The Fins entered their final game of the season with newfound hope that a new regime might be able to find them a competent leader and they showed their excitement by not playing terribly and beating a team that had given up. Many will scoff at this victory, but let’s remember, the Fins now hold a three game home winning streak over the Patriots and have the guy who traded for Tim Tebow and extended Mark Sanchez leading the franchise. The future really couldn’t be brighter on South Beach.


And in the final ranker of the 2015 regular season, your first place team is the Buffalo Bills. Rexy came up big when it counted and won a game that not only knocked his former team out of the playoffs, but ensured that the fine people of Buffalo will not have to endure a losing season for at least four calendar years (I think the final game of the 2016 season falls in 2017 and technically the last time they finished with a losing record was in 2013). Next stop playoffs baby. Well assuming the QB doesn’t break next season which is a near certainty. It was a bittersweet victory though, as it was likely Mario Williams’ final game as a Bill, he will now be forced to wade into free agency once again and see if someone else is fool enough to pay him nearly $100 million dollars for his talents, or he’ll have to settle for a little less and play for a winner. Rex has built a bully in Buffalo and next year will definitely be the Bills year.


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