AFCE Teams (Bills-Dolphins)……One Move

AFCE Teams (Bills-Dolphins)……One Move
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The beginning of the 2017 season is getting closer and closer. Each one of our teams will be making numerous cuts, lose some free agents, and sign others. Below is my pick as a “must” move for each team, just one move……And remember, its just my opinion, don’t let it hurt your feelings. Today we explore the Bills and Dolphins.
Buffalo Bills
The Bills begin a new era with a new regime at the helm. I would expect some changes to the roster, mostly due to new HC’s philosophy and his view of how the team should be positioned to win. Bills have a lot of bodies free to walk away, lots of Rex left overs and replacements, but my focus has to go to the Quarterback position.
Tyrod Taylor is under contract, however the team can walk away from it or take on an option that will basically guarantee Tyrod a little over 40 million during the next two years of a 5 year extension. His actual CAP value would be much less, just under 16 million in 2017, just under 17 in 2018, with three more years at slightly over 17. As far as the monetary side is concerned, those numbers compared to other quarterbacks, are not at all prohibitive, especially with a CAP that has been growing at almost 10% yearly. The Bills could use the CAP room, however a new quarterback would have to be acquired or signed, unless you believe that Cardale Jones is ready to go.
I do not believe that Cardale is ready, not even sure he may ever be, and unless Sean McDermott was hired to start from scratch and totally rebuild, not keeping Tyrod would be a tremendous mistake. Taylor is basically entering his real third year, because the other four he was playing catch with the Ravens reserves. He has shown the ability to win and carry the team, he is not afraid to run and get hit.
I have to admit, when he was first signed, I thought of him as poor man’s version of Michael Vick. The talent is very similar, but Tyrod appears to have a brain in his head. Taylor is an excellent athlete, and McDermott should be used to having to deal with a QB that uses his legs almost as much as he does his arm.
Tyrod Taylor is a “must” keep!

Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins, fresh off of their first playoff game in almost a decade, are entering head coach Adam Gase’s second year. Unfortunately in our division, the trend for new coaches has not been kind in the second year, however, the team showed great promise in 2016, but there are moves that must be made. The easy pick here would be to use Ryan Tannehill, in either a keep or a dump, that would make the site a lot more interested. I am going with a dump, but it will be Mario Williams.
Mario was signed last spring, after getting released by Rex and the Bills. In his prime, he was a force to reckon with, but, that was a few years ago. It was very obvious in his last season in Buffalo, that Williams had lost a step, and his body just didn’t dominate anyone. He blamed Rex and his system, using that excuse to buy time for another contract.
The Dolphins do need a replacement because they did allow their drafted stud to walk and join the Giants, but Mario is not worth keeping. Down the stretch the team was hardly using him. His release would only create. 2 million CAP hit, but saving the team around 8.5, well worth it. Some other team will sign him in desperation, but Mario is done.
Mario Williams is a”must” dump!

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