AFCE Update……with a twist

AFCE Update……with a twist
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Camps are here! ………Camps are here!  NFL camps are here!

It’s not exactly like Paul Revere’s scream, but this year it maybe close!


The Buffalo Bills are all about business, no Rex claims, no Rob stuff. What is up with that?

IMHO, I think the departure of “dad,” defensive genius Buddy, has humbled the twins. That will not last long. Before you know it, the dynamic duo will go back to being the Two Stooges!


Reggie Kardashian Bush is about to become a legit Buffalo, which is fitting, since the “other” number one pick is gone and in Miami. Rex will have #1 and #2 of that famous controversial draft. Frankly, too little too late, Reggie can now only dream of Bush, he is done!


Bills need to find an outside edge rusher that can replace their first round pick. A team that could only dream of sacks a year ago, cannot go into the season with a jaw-breaking special teamer as their man.


Is Tyrod worth gambling on to a serious extension? That seems to be the road the team is taking, and camp should answer some of that.


The Miami Dolphins are ready to dream again, especially without the long lasting (or short) Lenin-like statue bashing of the departed one. Gase is in town, Dolphins fans are alive again, and the 6 win season appears to be a mirage. But what has really changed?


Ryan Tannehill is ready to Gase-it-up, sort of the way he was supposed to Lazer-it-up. This is the end of the road for the franchise QB, its make everyone believe, or move on.


The Dolphins have had to deal with two very huge weaknesses, no run game, no run stopping. These two things alone are responsible for an expensive team performing under par. Foster comes in to town, very cheaply. If he can stay healthy, there is a chance a resemblance of a running game will appear. Ajayi is too green and rookie is even greener. To me, the problems with running game are more about play calling and OL choice of personnel, than anything else. I fully expect the departed one to have a great season in Houston.


Stopping the run? Well, nothing, again, has been done about that. Suh was not the answer, the problem was always a weak LB core, that is still just as weak. Can someone emerge from camp? Does anyone emerge as a real NFL CB?


The New England Patriots are the perennial dominance, but can they sustain it this year? Camp is open and the biggest issue with this team is still very prominent. No, not Tom Brady missing 4 games, but the OL. The OL has been old and a patchwork in the makings; Belichick has used up so many band-aids to stop this cut, its basically bleeding to death. We learned last year that they can be eaten alive against good pass rushers, what has changed? Is there a secret we do not know about?


The health in the running game is a huge, it is what may keep Jimmy Garoppolo upright. Dion Lewis must come back healthy, and Jimmy will need to learn to feed him quickly, to keep away sackers.


The defense has lost their most prominent pass rusher, but there are some nice pieces left. Camp will tell us a lot more. This team is so thin, it cannot afford any significant injury.


The New York Jets have finally signed all needed, and their QB hero of last year is back in the fold. But is that going to be enough to keep the offense on a roll? I’m not convinced.


Fitzpatrick had a great year, something he has done rarely, can he repeat? Do they turn to Geno in case the new 12M QB cannot deliver? I think they do, at some point during the year.


WRs, Marshall and Decker are as a good a duo as there is in the NFL. The addition of Forte to a much improved Powell, should help scoring. Health with these guys is a must, some are older than dirt.


Defensively is where there are a few questions that need an answer at camp. Can rookie Jenkins start at OLB? Will Cromartie be missed? I doubt that Cro and his aches and pains will be missed, but Jenkins would add a lot of speed.


Camps are about getting answers and learning systems, most importantly staying away from serious injuries that can linger on all season (see McCoy a year ago and Decker two years ago).

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