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For several years now the good fans of the AFCE have had to listen to the following heart felt statement from Steeler fans:

“If da Stillers, or even da rat birds played in the AFCE they would win da division every year and have an easy path to da Super Bowl.  The girly Patriots are mediocre and the rest of that division stinks”.

Well, beginning with Miami at Cleveland this Sunday, the AFCE and the AFCN are on each other’s schedule for 2013.  Will the AFCN dominate or will the East prevail?  Let’s take a look at the AFCN for 2013.

BENGALS:  Cincy is a very trendy pick for a deep playoff run team this year.  They appear to have a very strong defense and have been to the playoffs (and laid an egg) the past two years.  They still have a few things working against them.  Andy Dalton is an above average qb, but not by much.  Does anyone think Marvin Lewis is a strong coach?  Finally, this franchise usually reverts to being the Bungles after a little success.  Projection 9-7

BROWNS:  The Brownies are another team pegged by some to be vastly improved and I can’t understand why.  Their quarterback has one year of experience and turn 30 during theweeden season.  They had to deal with a mini Aaron Hernandez situation of their own and the new owner is under federal investigation.  Projection 4-12

RAVENS:  The defending super bowl champs lost most of their starting defense from last year.  The offense should remain very good despite inexplicably giving up a very good receiver to the coach’s brother for a bag of hammers.  Flacco has proven to be “playoff elite”.  He should be very good this regular season too.  The dramatic actor coach is pretty good and the GM is one of the best.  It should take a few games for the new defense to find itself.  Projection 10-6

ben.roethlisbergerSTEELERS:  Pittsburgh will go as far as Ben Roethlisberger and their defense can take them.  The underrated Roethlisberger has been slowed by injuries.  With his style of play and the offensive line it is hard to imagine him staying healthy for 16 games.  Da Stillers are old.  Thirteen of their players have seen their 30th birthday.  Projection 7-9

30-34 may seem low for the conference record but this division also has to play the NFC North this year.




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