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AFCE Week 5 Predictions & Rankings

AFCE Week 5 Predictions & Rankings
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AFCE Week 5


Bills@Lions                             Bills: +7.5

I looked up the word panic, and I found Marrone’s ugly mug posing with Whaley. EJ was drafted with a #1 and handed the starting reigns. To the world that meant we shall struggle growing with you EJ. To these two geniuses it meant we are winning now. If that wasn’t enough, let us trade this year and next years’ #1 to move up a few spots and take Sammy, because we know we are winning now. There is no pressure in Buffalo, because there is no media, yet, these two fools have managed to create their own. EJ was not having a spectacular year; he was playing like a year 2 QB. So, they have placed even more pressure to win now by benching the kid. What this move tells me is very simple: the Bills have just admitted that they have blown their last three #1s, and one of those belongs to Cleveland, next year. These fools have set this franchise back, because no #1, no QB, unless Orton is your future.

Keys to a Bills win: First Stop the Lions pass rush from sending Orton to early retirement. Second, run and run and run. Third, somehow stop Calvin, Tate and company. Fourth, fire the HC and GM now!

My outlook: The Bills have lost two in a row, and are about to loose their third straight. Bills will struggle offensively and Marrone will beg EJ for forgiveness. This game will be over early, no way the Bills OL be able to control the line of scrimmage. The only question I have is what do the Marrone & Whaley Show do for an encore in a week? Do they bench Sammy? Do they cut Mario? Or do they trade both back to Cleveland to get that #1 pick back…. Lions 27-10


Jets@Chargers                        Jets: +7.5

The Jets have been in every game against formidable opponents, but so what? In the NFL only thing that matters is W-L. They have played the toughest schedule so far out of all four divisional teams, and could have won a few of these games, if not for their second year QB making second year QB mistakes. For some reason QBs today have to be born Mannings, Bradys and Montanas from year one; shame on Geno for not having become like Luck. Growing up in NY, I have always heard that few fans understand sports like NY fans, but I have come to realize that they are media made and what they read affects their thinking daily. When this season started, every writer said: the Jets will be lucky to end their first 7 games at 2-5, but hang on because their back 9 give you a chance to go 7-2. So what has changed? The games are actually being played, and suddenly they are real. Relax, this team is not winning a SB this year, build for tomorrow, not today. Have some damn patience!!!

Keys to a Jets win: First of all make the Chargers one-dimensional and force Rivers to rely strictly on his passing. Second, keep playing the way they have for four weeks. Third, Geno must not turn the ball over. Fourth, stop reading and listening to the NY media, and grow a pair and think for yourself.

My outlook: Tough road trip for the Jets. Rivers maybe playing the best football of his career; he makes few mistakes. Controlling the clock and scoring inside the 20 instead of constantly kicking field goals would give the Jets a chance. The Chargers will prevail at home, but I don’t think they become the first team to blow these Jets out…. Chargers 24-20


Bengals@Patriots                                   Patriots: -2.5

This was my prediction for the Pats last week: “…The Patriots have looked out of sync and confused offensively; you can see the frustration on Tom’s face weekly. Unless El Supremo Wannabee, McDaniels has not yet turned on a magical switch, the Chiefs will be able to pressure him, this one may get ugly early…”

The Patriots are not right; and its not just one thing. I read all the excitement of two weeks of being ranked #1 against the pass, blah blah blah. This team has played two crappy teams and won, two decent teams and gotten blown out. There is zero to be excited about, regardless of how much it hurts to admit it.

We have had Tanney questions, EJ replaced and Geno questioned by all the distinguished Patriots fans here, but folks, Brady has been worst than all three of those “kids”. This offense is so inept that it’s become comical watching them. Why? God, where do you start? The OL sucks, like I have said every week, you cannot have different players shuffling around in between plays, games etc. Outside of Edelman and Gronk, there are no NFL proven weapons. The running game is non-existent, and yes you do miss Blount. This addition by subtraction that the genius HC/GM/OC/DC/President/Controller has been practicing for years now has finally caught up.

Keys to a Patriots win: First, turn on that switch everyone expects. Second, find out what Michael J. Fox did with his time car and borrow it to bring back all the wrong draft picks, dumb trades, and cheap savings moves. Third, approach Mr. Belichick and explain to him that the NFL has changed in the last ten years, however, stock piling talent is still a good way to win. Fourth, tell Kraft to open his checkbook and pay the players that help you win; letting them go to Denver, Pittsburgh, Tampa is not giving you wins.

My outlook: The Bengals will be toughest defense this so called offense has faced. If you cannot score on the Raiders and Chiefs, what do you think will happen? The defense is not capable of stopping anyone from running (see Dolphins and Chiefs, and thank God you didn’t have to face AP). I expect a reaction, at home, but the problems this team has are not fixable in one week. Had this team played GB, Detroit, and Chicago (all good defenses), they could be 0-4. The bleeding continues….. Bengals 30-20

Record to date: 9-5


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