Another loser joins the club – Martavis Bryant

Luciano 11

Another loser joins the club – Martavis Bryant
Luciano 11
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Most of us grow up playing a sport and emulating the players we fall in love with. Eventually life becomes reality, and we become Accountants, Lawyers, Bankers, Taxi Drivers, Sewage Experts, etc. Some go on and become professional players. Today, that doesn’t simply mean you get to have people cheer you on, it means financial freedom like no other.


We blog, we admire players, we want to be them, then a Martavis Bryant happens, and we feel good about ourselves, and thank God that he did not wear our colors, unless he does.


I wrote an article right after the SB that compared this fool that wears Black & Gold to another that wears whatever you call the colors of the Browns. Josh Gordon and Martavis are two of the dumbest players ever. This time blaming Roger will not help, Roger is not targeting your team, just following the rules.


Bryant has just added his name to a long list of losers, and unfortunately that list keeps growing yearly. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get bigger, or you have depression, or your mom beat you so badly as a kid that you need drugs.


I find it funny and sad that as soon as everyone is caught, they have an excuse. It was in my cough medicine, my depression meds, my constipation meds, etc. These guys, I’m sure had their homework chewed by their dogs weekly. Look, the NFL has a set rule as what is or isn’t accepted. If you make millions, and have a lawyer representing your every move, then you knew this. Why has none of these losers ever approached the NFl before hand to let them know that their constipation meds may contain an illegal substance? Because they are all full of crap!


Tennis star Martina Sharapova, only last week admitted to having failed anti-doping testing because of meldonium. Which she quickly admitted to taking for 10 years in order to control her irregular EKG results, a magnesium deficiency and a family history of diabetes. However, doctors say that it is prescribed for 30 days, not 10 years. Why has she never approached ITF with this before? Because she wasn’t caught before!


Now, I know that Martavis is being accused of marijuana use, multiple times that we know of. No big deal if you live in one of the states that have approved it as legal. I for one couldn’t care less, however, it is still illegal, and if his employers, the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers do not find it legal, its illegal, even in Colorado or Washington. Bryant like the Double Dummies Blount and Bell, before him deserves all he has coming!

Boult, Bell, Josh Gordon, Martavis Bryant, Johnny Football, what the hell are they feeding players in the AFCN? And this is recent history only! Being too tired, I didn’t feel like searching my memory bank dating back to the 70s, or this would have become ugly.


Money for nothing is a great song, and I’m starting to think that when Dire Straights wrote that tune, they had athletes in their minds.


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