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Let’s face it neither team was impressive on Sunday with both securing the win with field goals in the closing seconds of the game. The Patriots will be without Shane Vereen and likely Danny Amendola, two players who combined for 263 of the Patriots 431 yards of offense. I read Julian Edelman is expected to step up big time which is a nice thought early in the season, but hearing the game hinged on Julian Edelman wasn’t something any Patriots fan wanted to hear last year. So what is Las Vegas seeing that justifies this team giving up 12 points on the spread? Come to think of it who is going to score enough to come close to an over/under of 43?


PASSING:  Neither team is starting any receivers with names that strike fear into the opponent but we know both teams will throw the ball anyway. With this coming down to who is throwing the ball one team pulls ahead.  — EDGE: Patriots


RUSHING:  Last week the Patriots game plan was to neutralize C Spiiler and make EJ Manuel beat them with his arm. Expect something similar this week with Ridley  & committee vs Bilal Powell & Chris Ivory. Both defenses are capable of stopping the run if they devote the resources to do so. — EDGE: Even


SPECIAL TEAMS:  Last week the Jets surrendered 137 kick return yards to Tampa Bay while The Patriots gave up 19 to the Bills. On punts R. Allen averaged 39 yards on 6 punts for the Patriots vs 47 yards on 7 punts for R. Malone of the Jets. — EDGE: Patriots


DEFENSE:  Last week both teams kept their games close and came through with stops when it really mattered. Rex Ryan has never liked to see Brady comfortable in the pocket and expect to see Ryan’s usual array of coverage and blitzes to keep him moving. Belichick for his part is likely to try the same on Smith. —EDGE: Even


COACHING:  The success of the defenses are going to set the tempo for this game and Ryan vs Belichick always provide for interesting comparisons.  Both teams will start with good game plans and it will come down to execution and in game adjustments to determine the winner. — EDGE: Even


I’m still looking and can’t find the reasons to expect these teams to score 43 point tonight and even harder to find why the Patriots can be expected to win by 12.  Expect the Jets defense to keep this game close but an edge on the offensive side should end with the Patriots on top of a low scoring game. If you must bet on this game take the Jets and the points and the under for small money. A better plan would be to find another game to bet on.


Patriots –  20

Jets  – 13


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