Archer Weekly Ep. I: The Phantom Forward Pass

Archer Weekly Ep. I: The Phantom Forward Pass
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The AFCE went 3-1 this weekend with the one loss being from a city that had a very bad football weekend.  But with this week it became a return to normalcy in the East as the team many expected to be on the top retook their throne.


New England Patriots 

The Patriots played the Indianapolis Colts, a team they have had no trouble dominating since the days Peyton Manning played there. The Patriots did as you expected and dominated the game and let Andrew Luck get some garbage time points for fantasy.  Josh Gordon made his one big catch of the season and will become invisible the rest of the year before being cut for some guy no one has ever heard of. They also fed James White the ball which was smart on their part as White is leaps and bounds the best player on the team and giving him the ball means big things. The defense played well until garbage time which is about what you expect in a Patriots-Colts game. The Patriots are now the division leaders and will probably stay that way for the rest of the season. Everything is Awesome.


New Jersey Jets

The Jets have been on a little losing streak as after their Super Bowl win in week 1 have fell down to earth in recent weeks with Todd Bowles being clueless and Sam Darnold doing his best Sanchez impersonation. This week they got the fortune of playing a team that is worst than them: The Denver Broncos. The Broncos would be the worst team in the AFC if it wasn’t for the fact the Raiders also are in the AFC.  It showed as Darnold threw for three touchdowns and Isaiah Crowell ran for over 200 yards. Bilal Powell also got 99 yards rushing and he isn’t really that good. The Jets offense had their way and it gave fans a preview of what the team will look like when Todd Haley is coaching them next year. Jets fans also can spend their time laughing at their resident Giants fans who are the laughingstocks of the NFL.


Buffalo Bills

The Bills won on Sunday but it felt more like a loss.  The Titans-Bills game set football back 50 years as neither side showed anything on offense. The Bills defense looked really good but it was against Marcus Mariota who has been pretty bad since getting hurt his second year. Really hard to tell how good the defense really is after this game as they weren’t playing a good offense. But compared to recent weeks I will take anything positive for this defense. Offense was another story. Josh Allen looked like Tim Tebow minus the cult following. He was wildly inaccurate and was a better runner than thrower  but not by much. He couldn’t even complete 50% of his passes which in this day and age of easy passing, should be the bare minimum expected.  Shady McCoy was pretty much the only bright spot of the offense as he pretty much carried the offense like usual. Unless Josh Allen gets leaps and bounds better, it is looking more and more like the Bills drafted the wrong Josh and will be hoping to get the #1 pick in 2020 to get Tua Tagovailoa.


Miami Dolphins

It was a wrong weekend for the city of Miami as their two major football teams went 0-2 and outscored 61-45.  For the professional team it was definitely embarrassing as they blew a 17 point lead, giving up 27 straight points.  The Miami Dolphins team started off hot getting a 17-0 lead they held for most of the game. Then came the epic choke. The Dolphins offensive line started to show how bad it was as Tannehill was starting to get even more pressured and made some crucial turnovers that cost them the game. But you know, who needs OL when you can overpay below average wide receivers and waste your 1st round pick on a nickel corner.  The run game looked decent as Frank Gore is a robot and Drake is decent. However the lack of talent at WR and OL shows as it is barely better than the Bills, barely better. Gase and Tannehill are 10-3 in their last 13 games.

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