Archer Weekly: Fire Willie

Archer Weekly: Fire Willie
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Week 1 is finally in the books and the long lull is over and until February there is football every weekend. This was a good Sunday for the teams that matter in the AFCE as they went a dominating 2-0 outscoring their opponents by a combined 31 points. Now we shall recap the week of the NFL teams in the AFC East.

New York Jets: Descending

The Jets were the talk of New Jersey, as many forgot the past five years and thought Adam Gase was still the man who helped Peyton Manning break all the records. They had a big week one matchup against division rival Buffalo Bills and many thought the Jets would win because they spent a bunch of money on two players. Many also thought Sam Darnold would be a good QB (LOL) because he was good that one year at USC and Gase just led Peyton to all those records. Darnold did his best Alex Smith impersonation, as he was the checkdown king, averaging 4.3 yards per attempt. The Jets offense was pathetic as Bell showed why you don’t pay RBs and they still have no real weapons on offense. On defense they looked alright but chocked in the 4th Quarter, letting a RB score 17 straight points on them to win the game. Gase is just as bad as he was in Miami and the Jets fans will be wanting Todd Bowles back in no time.

Buffalo Bills: Culling Voices

The Bills were flying a little under the radar to start the season and had a lot of negative attention at them for cutting an old RB and for having Josh Allen as their starting QB. The Bills offseason was very under the radar as they didn’t make any splashy moves except sign a center to a lot of money. Instead the Bills trusted the process, got a lot of under the radar moves to the Offensive line and got some dependable Wide Receivers for Josh Allen to lean on. The sexiest offseason move was probably drafting Devin Singletary to be the Shady replacement and even then, people kind of glossed over him because well, he went to FAU.

The Bills had their first big test as they went to the friendly venue of New Jersey to play the New York Jest. Early on the Bills couldn’t get out of their own way, turning it over every chance they got. Josh Allen looked move like Blake Bortles than John Elway. The offense could do nothing but were still only down six because the Jets offense had no answer for the Bills top five defense. Despite the turnovers the Bills were still in it and even when things looked darkest, they were still in it because the Jets are terrible at football. In the 4th quarter, the offense clicked and scored left and right to take the lead and keep it. The Bills got rid of all the negative out and stopped playing like the Bills, which is why they will more likely than not, make the playoffs.

New England Patriots: Invincible

Lastly we have the defending* Super Bowl champion Patriots who because of Robert Kraft, had to play on Sunday Night instead of Thursday Night like every other year. They got an easy game though in the Pittsburgh Steelers. They needed an easy game as before this year many wonder what an old man like Tom Brady would do to remain relevant before being passed over by the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Brady was brutally effective this game, slicing up a Steelers defense that hasn’t been relevant for a decade. Phillip Dorsett had a good game against someone not named Ronald Darby. Josh Gordon had a big game, Julian Edelman had a big game, Ryan Izzo (who one hater thought would be cut) had a big catch for three yards. You can’t really remark about the defense as they still need to play a NFL offense, but they were good too. The Patriots look like they will finish 12-4 and lose in the AFC Championship Game to the best team in the NFL.

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