Archer Weekly: Lightning and the Thunder

Archer Weekly: Lightning and the Thunder
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It was a good weekend as FSU won the National Championship in Women’s Soccer which is the only sport that matters (that and College Basketball until conference play). In the world of football, it went about how you expected as one team pretty much clinched the division and the lone divisional game was a Hochuli special.


The End is Near

The New York Jets headed to Tennessee to play the Titans whose claim to fame is beating the Patriots. The Jets are kind of a dysfunctional mess as their head coach is a lame duck and they might have an overhaul of the front office as well. It showed as the Jets got an early lead and proceeded to blow it in epic fashion.  Josh McCown threw for 128! yards and is showing yet again why the Jets made a mistake trading away Teddy Bridgewater.  The run game was good  but that was about it. On the defense they let Marcus Mariota who can still barely hold a football, shred them for 282 yards and 2 TDs. The team has given up on Todd Bowles and they really should end his suffering. Then they can make the wise move of hiring Urban Meyer so he can fix the culture of the Jets.


Mr 1000

The Patriots hosted the Minnesota Vikings whose QB one Patriots fan in particular really likes.  The Patriots shut down the Vikings passing game and forced Kirk Cousins to do his best Sam Darnold impersonation.  Dalvin Cook however had a great game in his limited touches and showed yet again why he was the best RB in last year’s class (who is not currently being suspended).  Tom Brady also made history as he now has 1000 career rushing yards and a better career yards per carry than Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis. James Develin clinched his ticket to Canton as he had two big touchdowns which sealed the game.  The Patriots will probably only lose one more game this year (at Miami) and clinch a 1st round bye before losing in the Super Bowl to the Chicago Bears.


Flags, Flags Everywhere

The Dolphins hosted the Buffalo Bills and it was a very tough game to watch.  21 total penalties were called and many numerous no calls were made as Hochuli Jr was too busy eyeing his muscles to notice all the blatant roughing the passer calls that were ignored.  The Dolphins offense also was not good as Gase is not looking like the savant he was billed when he first took the job. Ryan Tannehill threw for 137 yards and 3 touchdowns and and they ran for 60 yards. They were outgained by 240 yards and somehow got the win. Key turnovers and drops helped the Dolphins as they are somehow still in the hunt. The key takeway is Ryan Tannehill will be the Dolphins QB next year as they will not find anyone better and fans need to accept that. Also Gase needs to stop calling plays as his genius has run out. Most important, they are 2 wins away from 8-8


Rough Weekend

The city of Buffalo had a bad weekend. Firstly, their hockey team was in 1st place for all of one day before losing to some hockey team in Florida (where it is currently 77 and sunny). Then the football team played a close divisional game.  The key positive from the loss was Josh Allen is a gamer and if he can ever learn to throw accurately he will be a top 5 QB long term. Allen made bunch of key plays in the game with his legs and some big time throws. Zay Jones was a bonafide stud in this game and really showed why the Bills were so high on getting him.  Outside of Zay, the Bills are lacking in weapons as their two biggest playmakers in Kelvin Benjamin and Charles Clay dropped the game for the Bills. Even though it was a tough loss especially to a division rival whose fans are as insufferable as Gator fans, there was a positive in what Josh Allen can become.



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