Archer Weekly: Odell For HC

Archer Weekly: Odell For HC
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It was a great weekend for the AFC as they went a 4-0. The Patriots, Bills and Dolphins took care of business and the Jets keep on giving their fans false hope.

Miami Dolphins: Righting the Ship

The Dolphins had some people concerned by actually winning games while tanking and many worried they might win too much to miss the top 5 since some other teams just suck that bad. But thankfully the Dolphins didn’t have to worry as they got to play the most classless team in the NFL in the Cleveland Browns. The Dolphins were in complete control from the start as they let the Browns get a huge lead and got some garbage time points to appear competitive. We need the Dolphins to play more like this the rest of the way as they need the #1 pick to get Joe Burrow since the Bengals are refusing to win a game. Overall, this was the Miami fans wanted to see and I have to say, they got their money’s worth.

New Jersey Jets: False Hope

The Jets played an overhyped Oakland Raiders team that everyone knew was going to start being terrible once the media talked about them. Sam Darnold had a “good” game which will make fans believe he is still the answer at QB and Bell got over the 4.0 ypc hump (still didn’t reach 50 yards rushing). The Jets are an enigma as they played great against the Cowboys and Raiders but have been utter garbage against every other team in the NFL. They lost to the Dolphins! How bad do you have to be to lose to the Dolphins. Bells is averaging 3.2 yards per carry! That is some Zac Stacy numbers right there. Bell has been worth every penny so far. This game will give Jets fans hope that they have turned the corner but reality will hit. The Jets will never be a playoff team as long as Adam Gase is their HC.

New England Patriots: Invincible

The Patriots lucked their way into a win against the Dallas Cowboys because any team with a competent offense would have destroyed them. Tom Brady is a warrior struggling to remain relevant and it shows after every play. He can’t throw the ball anymore and the dropoff hit dramatically. The best player on offense, James White, was ignored for the entire game and the offense suffered because of it. The offense is week 3 Jets bad and if it wasn’t for an elite defense and elite pass from the officials, they would be competing for a top 5 pick, not probably making the Super Bowl. The defense though is for real with only the 49ers having a comparable defense. This should be Brady’s last year in New England as you can tell his arm is shot and the offense is out of whack. The only tough games left on the schedule are against the Chiefs and Bills but other than those games, it is smooth sailing to another 1st round bye. Man it must be nice to play in the AFC.

Buffalo Bills: The Man

The best team in the AFC East had the most dominant win of any AFCE team, shutting down the Denver Broncos. The Bills defense was for real as they smothered the Broncos offense to only one FG and in the end stretch did not give up a 1st down. The offense for Buffalo was all about the run as they went over 200 yards rushing and a solid 4.4 yards per carry. Singletary had his first 100 yard game in the NFL and he looks like a young LeSean McCoy. Frank Gore was Mr Reliable and passed Barry Sanders to be 3rd on the All Time Rushing list. Josh Allen was steady as a passer and a runner, converting some key 3rd downs with his legs and outside of one interception, pretty solid with the football. Cole Beasley was a dependable security blanket for Allen and overall the offense looked very much in control. Ever since Daboll moved to the booth the offense has looked more in control and Allen has looked better as a passer. If the Bills keep this up, they will definitely be making the playoffs. Josh Allen has taken that next step as a player and despite what some Patriot fans in denial are saying, is the best QB in the AFCE.

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