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A Christmas Wish List for the AFC East
With the holidays looming and the season is nearing a close, the four teams in the division have made their list and made sure it has been checked it twice and learn what they most want this year. Here is that wish list.
New York Jets of New Jersey: A QB
The New York Jets are in a little dilemma. They are in win now mode due to some of the bad signings made by their GM but are clearly not in win now mode because they don’t have the talent or QB to make the playoffs.  They thought Ryan Fitzpatrick would solve that for a year after having the most un-Fitz year until week 17. Well as many predicted, Fitz reverted into Fitz, the win now signings have backfired and the Jets are in prime position for a top 5 pick.  The good news is the Browns are expected to pull a Browns and draft a guy who has only started one year in an offense that doesn’t prepare you in the NFL, which leaves the Jets the real #1 QB in this draft.  Deshaun Watson is the best QB in this draft and is the only guy that screams franchise QB in this draft. He would be a perfect fit for the Chan Gailey offense and would give the Jets a franchise QB to compete with the Patriots and Dolphins
Buffalo Bills: A Real Head Coach
The Bills have been stuck in mediocrity, they aren’t bad enough to get a top 5 pick, but due to Head Coaching, haven’t been able to get over the hump and make the playoffs. Rex was never a good hire to begin with, the only reason he was hired was Russ Brandon and the Pegulas overruled GM Doug Whaley and hired the guy that would give them season ticket sales.  After two years, the Bills have finally realized Rex isn’t a good HC and keeping him will further the drought. With Rex expected to get fired, the Bills can look to get a real HC that will solve their problems.  We don’t know who that guy is, though we can eliminate certain guys like Jeff Fisher, Mike Smith, Joe Philbin and anyone on the Patriots but there are some other choices the Bills can look at. Whoever it is, they just need to run a 4-3 defense with press coverage and build an offense around their QB, shouldn’t be hard, the Dolphins figured it out.
Miami Dolphins: The Playoffs
The Dolphins are almost there, they currently hold the 6th seed and the playoffs are so close they can taste it. This is their chance to make the playoffs for the first time in a year where Tom Brady played the whole season. With a backup QB, the Dolphins have an easy remaining two games against a Bills team that’s up and down and a Patriots team that will probably be resting their guys. Even with Moore, the Dolphins should finish at least 10-6 and get the 6th seed where they will get blown out by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wildcard round.
New England Patriots: Homefield Advantage
Of all these teams, what the Patriots want for Christmas is the most obtainable. Right now have clinched a 1st round bye and are one win away from clinching homefield advantage. This is big for the Patriots as they aren’t as good away from the friendly venue of Gillette Stadium. The good news is they get the Jets this week who have no motivation to finish the season. With Santa being a closet Patriots fan, the Patriots should get their wish of Homefield advantage as they get ready for their eventual Super Bowl game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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