Archer Weekly Stories: Tiger’s Back


Archer Weekly Stories: Tiger’s Back
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Week 3 is in the books and the AFCE went as expected 2-2.  Now we got a three way tie for last place and the team with the only sure thing being the Jets making the wrong QB pick…..again.
Buffalo Bills 
The Bills headed to Minnesota to play the team everyone already anointed Super Bowl champs.  The Bills were huge underdogs and as expected, blew out the Vikings. The defense played great, forcing pressure on Cousins and getting some key turnovers. It was a stark contract to the defense from the first 6 quarters which would probably struggle against Old Dominion.  Kirk Cousins had a terrible game when it mattered and was showing how he is worth every guaranteed penny.
On offense Josh Allen had a very good game. He was sharp with his throws and he also showed some nice running moves, including hurdling over Anthony Barr. The offensive line played better as for the most part, they gave Allen some time to make his throws though it was still bad. The biggest negative has to the receivers who dropped every good pass thrown their way. Kelvin Benjamin dropped some great throws as he is looking to be cut and go to a championship team like Miami. Josh Allen looked like a NFL QB in this start and if the Bills actually invest in the offense this offseason, he might be the next Carson Wentz.
New York J-E-T-S 
The Jets had a good week one against a not good team and the past two weeks regressed to the mean in hilarious fashion. Sam Darnold is who we thought he was which is Ginger Mark Sanchez. Darnold loves turning the ball over and his turnovers cost his team again as he was outplayed by Baker Mayfield. The Jets offense is pathetic and the blame falls squarely on GM Mike Maccagnan who has no clue about the quarterback position. They traded up for Darnold despite knowing that USC QBs don’t work in the NFL and to make things worse, traded the only good QB they had in the roster to the Saints for a 3rd round pick which they will probably waste on a safety. The Jets are all in on Sam Darnold despite the fast the quarterbacks drafted behind him were better and probably will have better careers (especially Luke Falk). But there is good news in Jetland, Todd Bowles will be the scapegoat and be fired and the Jets can get their dream of Urban Meyer as their next Head Coach.
Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins hosted the Oakland Raiders aka the worst team in the NFL. This was a typical Dolphins game as they played down to their competition. They had no answer for Jordy Nelson and were lucky that the Raiders tried to get the ball to Amari Cooper and that Jon Gruden is their Head Coach. On offense Ryan Tannehill had another great game and yet again doesn’t get the credit he deserves. The only real concern on offense is the lack of run game as Drake and Mr Robot Frank Gore combined for 11 carries as the Dolphins really didn’t run a whole lot of plays. The Dolphins should have lost this game but thanks to the heroics of Tannehill and choking of Jon Gruden, were able to secure the win and have a two game lead in the AFC East…..something many expected coming into the season.
New England Patriots

The circus is permanently in New England as they got embarrassed by the Detroit Lions, the same team that lost to Sam Darnold.  The horrible roster building of Bill Belichick has reared its ugly head as the Patriots team in general lacks talent and Tom Brady can no longer carry the offense by himself with nobodies at WR (minus Chris Hogan, he played Lacrosse). The Patriots look like they are one step away from going full Jets and becoming the biggest joke in the NFL.  The Patriots used to be good at keeping this dysfunction under wraps but not anymore as it is visibly evident things are not the same in New England. The only bright spot is they play in the AFC East which will help them yet again make the playoffs at 12-4.


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