Archer Weekly-The First NFL Mock Draft of Many


Archer Weekly-The First NFL Mock Draft of Many
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Yesterday was the last day for underclassman to declare meaning the pool of players today will be what is available come the draft. Since it is the offseason and free agency is two months away, nothing better to pass up the time then a little mock draft.


Miami Dolphins: Myles Jack LB from UCLA

Myles Jack LB from UCLA

The Dolphins need to add a lot of pieces to the defense as outside of Suh, Jones and Grimes they have nothing. They could go with Jaylon Smith however with his recent knee injury, he won’t be available until late in the season at the earliest. They could also go CB but with Jalen Ramsey already gone, I don’t think they would want to draft Vernon Hargreaves who is the same height as Grimes. Instead they fill the gaping hole at LB with Myles Jack whose flexibility gives the Dolphins a valuable asset.  Jack can play all three linebacker spots in a 4-3 defense as he is solid against the run and has very good coverage skills. He can also at times be used to rush the passer in certain situations. This flexibility is very valuable for a team with no real linebackers. He did tear his ACL last year but from the latest reports he should be ready by the beginning of the season.


Buffalo Bills: Robert Nkemdiche DL from Ole Miss

Robert Nkemdiche DL from Ole Miss

With Rex radically changing the defense, the Bills will be going DL in the 1st to replace Mario Williams who Rex refused to use properly. The likely replacement is none other than Robert Nkemdiche who is as big a physical freak as Mario. At 6’3 and almost 300 pounds, Nkemdiche is well suited to play the 5 technique in Rex’s scheme. He is very explosive and from the start can cause havoc in the backfield and rush the passer and stop the run. He can be the Wilkerson of the defense and has the ability to play all three spots on the defensive line. For as talented a player he is, Nkemdiche should be a lock to be a top 2 pick this year. However his off the field issues are a mile long. His most recent was him jumping out of a window of a hotel due to the effects of Synthetic Weed.  He reportedly also will want his brother who is also eligible for this draft to be picked up by the team who gets him, which can create a bigger mess. That among other red flags will cause him to drop to the Bills and Rex who doesn’t care about stuff like that. The talent is too much for the Bills to pass and if the Bills were able to get Dareus off his synthetic weed habit, they can do the same for Nkemdiche.


New York J-E-T-S: Ezekiel Elliot RB from Ohio State

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 01: Ezekiel Elliott #15 of the Ohio State Buckeyes runs the ball against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the All State Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 1, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)


The Jets don’t have a lot of areas where an immediate starter can come in and play. RT is a possible position but for a first round pick, it isn’t worth it. I also don’t expect them to draft Carson Wentz in the 1st as they will most likely re-sign Fitzmagic and kick the QB problem down the road a few years. This leaves RB as the ideal area to address. Chris Ivory is set to be a Free Agent and after him, the Jets have nothing. Stevan Ridley and Zac “elite” Stacy are horrible and Bilal Powell is the most overrated player on the Jets. This is where Elliot comes to play as he is the most complete RB in the draft and can give the Jets a guy who can do it all. Elliot can run outside, inside, pass block and catch passes out of the backfield. He is also explosive meaning every touch can lead to a TD and he can be used as a grinder. Elliot will allow the Jets to get rid of Stacy and Ridley and use those extra roster spots on bigger needs like a TE.


New England Patriots: Derrick Henry RB from Rawl Tyde

Derrick Henry RB from Rawl Tyde

Due to Roger Goodell abusing his power, the Patriots are without a first round pick this year. This means pick #63 will be where they first pick in the draft. With the Patriots, you don’t know what they draft as the Hoodie does the draft in weird ways. With Blount gone, the Patriots need a power back. Henry fits the bill as he is very similar to Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy when they both came out. He isn’t a home run threat  but he can get a steady four or five yards which suits the Patriots just fine. Also, this is a better pick than the Hoodie trying to draft a WR or DB in the 2nd, who for some reason has no idea how to draft either of those positions early.


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