Archer Weekly: Zero

Archer Weekly: Zero
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The season is over and we have reached the offseason and instead of talking about pointless stuff like baseball free agency and the definite collusion going on, let us do a Mock Draft instead!


New York J-E-T-S: Josh Allen, Bonafide Stud from Kentucky

The Jets drafted their hopeful franchise QB in Sam Darnold last year and this offseason they will be using lots of money to build around Darnold so he looks at least as serviceable as Ryan Tannehill. This allows them to go best player available and get probably the best defender in the draft who will fall because the 49ers don’t know what they are doing.  Josh Allen is the next Khalil Mack and he would be a nice player to pair with Leonard Williams.  Also he would give the AFCE another Josh Allen, this time one on defense and we can get the Josh Allen sacks Josh Allen call we all wanted.


Buffalo Bills: Jonah Williams OT from Rawl Tilde

The Bills desperately need help on the offensive side of the ball as last year the offense was pretty much Josh Allen YOLOing. They could reach for a WR but instead get the Best Player Available who also happens to fill a position of need. Williams will be an automatic start at LT and will allow Dion Dawkins to move to either RT or kick inside where he actually belongs. Williams is a solid technician and would be able to protect Josh Allen’s blindside and give him the time to chuck it deep to Robert Foster over the head of Stephon Gilmore.


Miami Dolphins: Daniel Jones QB from Basketball U

The Dolphins are most likely making the terrible decision of moving on from Ryan Tannehill since it was his fault they neglected offensive line and gave Mike Tannenbaum a bunch of power.  I could be mean and like many mock drafts have them draft Kyler Murray (who should stick to baseball) but I am nice and will have them picking an actual QB. Daniel Jones is probably the only QB who ever goes to Duke that will be considered a 1st round pick which means he is actually good and not because he has big hands. Jones has a lot of the tools to be a franchise QB and can be smart with the football and with a defensive minded Head Coach will be a good pair.


New England Patriots: Brian Burns DE from Fire Willie 

Many mock drafts have Burns going in the top 10 which I find hilarious. Burns was good in college but he wasn’t a stud that you use a top 10 pick on. Burns is really fast but other than that, he doesn’t have anything that screams next Von Miller which is what a top 10 pick would mean. The Patriots are going to lose Trey Flowers as he will be getting grossly overpaid by the Cleveland Browns and will need a replacement.  Burns is a quick edge rusher who might get bigger and might develop other moves. Most likely, the Patriots will trade back but no trade backs allowed in this mock.


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