Are the Jets looking out for the best interests of Geno Smith?

Are the Jets looking out for the best interests of Geno Smith?
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The Jets are in a rebuilding season, where most analysts expect a 4 or 5 win season. Let’s for arguments sake, say the Jets have most of their question marks turn out favorable, and win 6 or 7 games, or even 8 games, which is a huge stretch. That will still not in all probability, even qualify for a Wild Card spot. So the question I ask is, why rush a raw rookie who clearly needs a lot more time to develop, into an offense that has many issues in a rebuilding season, and run the risk of ruining him?

In the first preseason game, it was clear that Geno was being coddled by an offensive game plan that just had him throwing short safe passes and mostly handoffs against a second team Lions defense. The play book looked completely different than what Mark Sanchez was executing, as Marks play book was much more open spreading the ball all over the field to 8 different WRs, it was a true WC offense. It was clear, the difference in offensive schemes and where the two QBs are at this point. Geno is still grasping the basic and raw fundamentals.

Another point is why were the Jets so intent on making Geno practice, when he limped off the field during last Friday’s first preseason game, and still had an obvious limp in his first practice back on Sunday? The only credible reason, is that the Jets have Geno fighting for the starting job at all costs, and did not want him to miss any reps.

[dropcap]Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith[/dropcap]While competition is a great thing, is it really beneficial for a raw rookie to be thrust and rushed into this type of scenario? This is a rebuilding team learning a new offense and lacking many key offensive pieces. Is this just about giving any QB a chance no matter what the circumstances, just for the sole reason that he doesn’t have the name Sanchez, even if the competing player is a raw rookie that is not close to commanding an NFL offense? This approach can ruin a young QB before his career even starts and is being short sighted.

Let’s face it, the Jets game plan seems to be more about starting anyone or hyping up any competition, for the primary reason of just replacing Sanchez, but the long term consequences and the development of a young rookie QB are not being taken into consideration. This is not the proper way to cultivate a rookie prospect, especially considering the Jets current situation. It is tough enough for even a veteran QB to step in with an entire new offensive scheme, an offense lacking play makers and a fierce starting schedule to boot, let alone a raw rookie from a simple college offense, that has been shown to have a questionable emotional make up. One would think that the Jets have all the offensive pieces in place and are ready to make a legitimate playoff run, and that the rookie has already clearly shown that he can run an NFL offense. Nothing is further from the true situation in all three cases.


During a rebuild season, and with an offense in major transition, is this the right move to rush a raw rookie of questionable emotional make-up and lacking NFL ready skills? Combine that with an intense fan base that wants results immediately, and an unrelenting media and you have a recipe for an abject failure. Even if Geno edges out the incumbent in practice, is this the most prudent and beneficial move for the career of a young QB? I think not.

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