Are We There Yet?


Are We There Yet?
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Well here we are. Its finally happened. What’s that you may be asking yourself? The red button encased in glass has been stared at long enough. Woody talked to Mcganahan and picked up the little metal hammer and broke the glass and slammed the button down. They are finally blowing it up. Not like a Rex or Idzik rebuild where they used band aid players to try to compete. They are starting from scratch. Purging the roster of just about every older veteran who would have no doubt been around when the team was in position to compete. I think the Jets Brass finally realized the team won’t be good this upcoming year and most likely the following unless they nail every pick in the draft. I for one am excited and I think most Jet fans feel the same.
Kudos where kudos is due. Luc correctly prediction Harris and Decker in the offseason. Nice call, although I don’t think either of us saw it happening this late into the season. Harris, the ultimate pro, will be greatly missed. Eric Deckers 2015 production will be missed and I’m sure he’ll go onto another team and continue to dominate the RZ. Jets now find themselves sitting there with a defense that needs LBs desperately but could be in way worse shape elsewhere if Mayes and Adams pan out, which is of course a huge IF (especially knowing the Jets). The other side of the ball is the same as it was for the last 8 years. No identity, no talent, no direction. It’s been blown up completely. The OL is questionable although they have had a few promising starts from some guys but the only solid/good player set in stone is Carpenter. The rest of the OL is young and unproven but that’s not always a bad thing as diamonds can be found in the rough like Austin Howard or Damon Harrison. At WR we will no doubt struggle. The world seems to be enamored with Enunwas talent after the catch but has struggle actually catching the ball which shockingly is important at the wide receiver position. I am a fan favorite of Anderson as he has true deep threat speed, however, that’s about it. He also is seemingly wide open a lot of the time but struggles with catches too. Also, he’s a dirt bag if he actually did try to fight cops but ill plead the fifth because I wasn’t there and I’m a jets fan so fk you! I don’t think we’ll get much production out of any particular WR here even if garbage time because who is throwing them the ball? Which leads me to my next point.
I truly believe the Jets didn’t intend to blow it up to this extent coming into this stage of the year. I think, and I may be alone here, that the Jets Brass was leaning on Hackenberg or Petty to take a giant step forward. Throughout the OTAs I think they realized it wasn’t going to happen. That’s when the decision was made to let go of the older talent who could no doubt help you win some close games. That’s when I think they decided to let go of Decker and Harris. Although I think they handled the Harris situation terribly especially because he was such an icon to the Jets, I think it sends a message. Nobody is safe anymore. From here on out moving forward. The Jets will continue to put feelings of the fans aside and try to do what they think is best for the roster.
Jumping around back to the TE position. Yes, the Jets actually will be employing TE’s this season. ASJ hype around the Jets facilities has been very strong but with little talent on the offense side is him standing out just due to the competition around him? We won’t know until the season starts. I do think he has talent but he never had his head on straight. He quickly fell out of favor in TB for dumb things like being late to practice, not learning the playbook, never gutting out injuries etc. I view him as a lotto ticket. He was a cheap signing and if he turns into a stud great, if not who cares he was cheap. Leggett is not going to help anyone on the offensive line. The Jets OC is being rumored to love the TE position and Leggett is expected to make an impact immediately according to the teams beat writers. Let’s be honest here, what kind of impact can he truly make as a TE drafted in the later rounds in a position that typically struggles to translate to the NFL level.
I do think the Jets are in the best shape they can possibly be in coming into this season. This is my reasoning. Aside from the Jets having (most likely) the most money heading into FA the team is in perfect position to be landing a top 5 pick and hopefully #1 overall. Although, as Jets fans can expect we’ll finish with the 2 having won a meaningless game in week 16 or 17. Now there is good and bad to this. Let’s start with the good. Next year’s QB class is expected to be loaded. I just saw a comparison from Daniel Jeremiah last night who compared Darnold to Luck. Now feelings on Luck aside, he was considered an elite prospect, so if someone is getting compared to him that’s high praise. Then you have the kid from Wyoming who is being talked about like he’s going to be a very good prospect. The Jets land one of these kids and have 80 million + to surround him with talent.
And here we have the most likely option for the Jets, or anyone who drafts a top prospect QB high. The bad news is if you look bad to guys like Matt Barkley. Barkley was widely considered to be the #1 overall pick in the draft and ended up returning to college to attempt to win a national championship. The ensuing year was a disaster and he fell far into the draft when he came out. His career, to this point, has never panned out. I’m not even sure if he ever played a snap but I’ll let one of you research freaks check on that because I’m lazy. There’s no reason to think because Sam had a good year that he’ll replicate it. It could happen and it might not. In fact, there’s never a guarantee either top prospect replicates it. What we will likely see during this year and the ensuing draft coverage is flaws in their game that give fans big question marks in their abilities to perform at the next level. Let’s say these guys do have good years in college and Jets take one of them in the likelihood they will be in position to. Jets will most likely spend big money (not all) to bring in talent to the organization so the kid is not coming into a pathetic situation. A problem with this could be, what if the kids talent doesn’t translate. Then you have just wasted most of your money for the next 2-4 years. Your team also likely enters football mediocrity. In my opinion, it’s the worst place to be if you have a talented roster good enough to win you 6-8 games yearly but no QB.
Anyways, with a purge of talent and the Jets likely staring down the barrel of a top prospect qb come draft time with money in the bank it’s exciting. The Jets are getting killed right now in the media and that’s fine they deserve it. I don’t think they have the worst roster however, I still think that goes to the 9ers but it’s certainly closer than ever before. I’m not sure if the Jets have a plan but if I’m trying to predict one its tanking the season, drafting a qb in the top 2 spots and using some money around that qb to help his development. There’s no sure thing in the draft so this is always risky but it’s at least exciting.
Last note is I must imagine Bowles might be a lame duck this year. Guy wasn’t even notified that Harris was released until he met with the media. I saw beat writers saying he literally walked off the field from LB practice and was yet to be informed. That’s a cold thing to do to your head coach. He’s also showing emotions according to reporters for the first time in what could be his life. “A somber Bowles” was reported. I’m not too sure he survives after this year.


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