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Gentlemen, we can rebuild this team. We have access to young players. We have the capability to build a team with an average age less than 26.  In the AFCE we will be that team. Smarter players, quicker off the snap, faster down the field, and dictating the pace of the game.
So which AFCE team is positioning itself for the future? Which is planning on running an up tempo modified version of the WCO?
Which team has an average age under 26 as of this morning? If you screamed “MY TEAM” you’re right!!!

Average team ages:
Bills 25.3 yrs, Dolphins 25.7 yrs, Jets 25.7 yrs, Patriots 25.9 yrs.
Players 30 or over:
Biils 3, Dolphins 6, Jets 5, Patriots 8
Players over 32 or older:
Bills 1, Dolphins 1, Jets 1, Patriots 2

It appears we still find ourselves in the situation of it not being what strategy a team has chosen but the same old who will do it better competition.

—- My thoughts are wandering to what this all means to the league overall and football as we know it.  We have watched a trend of rules changes favoring the offense and scoring while limiting the defense take place. With the last CBA the veterans bought into the concept of paying rookies less so there’s more money for the veterans actually playing the game. Guaranteed spending limits insured the money would be spent, funds would be made available for retired players injured while playing, and it was just a win-win all around.

—- Looking at it today it seems the owners:

Have new CBA providing low cost players through rookie salary limits. Players enter the league as cheap labor; have one shot at signing a contract for some real money, and then the aging out process begins. Less hard hitting football cuts down on injuries, retiring most players as they reach 30 helps, and holding down guaranteed money makes it easier to jettison those who are injured.

I see the game heading towards a fast paced high scoring affair where the offenses are firmly in control and the job of the defense is to slow them down the best they can. Busted plays are quickly forgotten since another snap takes place before there’s any instant replay time. Let up on the quality it’s been replaced by quantity. I’ve seen this type of football played before with routine scores in the forties or fifties but it’s played in small arenas and called, “Arena Football”.


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