At Least We Aren’t The Dolphins

At Least We Aren’t The Dolphins
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The Bills pulled a Bills and when controlling their own destiny began an epic 4 collapse losing 3 straight as the defense gave up after the GM destroyed the run defense and this week they added a new element of choking in 5 interceptions.
The first surprise of the week was the very unusual announcement of Tyrod Taylor being benched for J (Nathan) Peterman because reasons. Tyrod was ineffective against the Saints along with the entire team and to provide a spark, Sean “Opie” McDermott made the switch to the 5th round pick because he “gives us the best chance to win”.  Bills Mafia was ok with it because they’re Bills Mafia and they like things that make zero sense.  Immediately Peterman showed why he was a 5th round pick and threw five picks in a single half, ruining the great turnover margin the Bills had so far this year. Tyrod threw three interceptions all year, Peterman did that in one quarter, and with a team that is all winning the turnover battle and playing smart football, Peterman didn’t play smart. Those five interceptions lost us the game and the game was over before the second half started.
Then they made the switch to Tyrod who provided some spark to the team but by then they were playing catchup and there was no way they were going to comeback from a 33 point deficit with the lack of weapons on offense and the offensive line getting manhandled by Joey Bosa. But they scored some points so DudtheStud64 still has a chance in his bet and if you forgot to take Tyrod out of your fantasy lineup, you got a decent performance from him.
Now we go to the biggest disappointment which is the defense. The first seven games the defense was playing fantastic, shutting down the run, playing opportunistic ball and forcing key stops. Then the GM Brandon Beane decided he wasn’t happy with how well they were doing and traded Marcell Dareus for peanuts and the defense crumbed. Dareus was undervalued by fans and critics who only look at the box score and not see him racking up sacks or tackles and believed he was just going through the motions. However Dareus was an integral part of the defensive line as he was taking up double teams which allowed the rest of the line to make plays and cause disruption. Dareus wasn’t making as much an impact as McDermott doesn’t know what stunts are but he at the very least was an anchor on that line which without him has made offensive lines have their way with our defense.  This has caused the run defense to collapse in recent weeks and also forced the secondary to have to cover longer as we aren’t generating a pass rush like before. Fans may hate Dareus as much as they want, but he was a very key part of the defense particularly against the run and without it, the zone conservative defense McDermott and Leslie Frazier run is pathetic.
In conclusion, the Bills recent slide has been very Billsy and there looks to be no end in sight, especially since McDermott thinks Peterman probably gives them the best chance to win and might stick with him despite the worse performance in over 20 years. But hey, at least we didn’t lose to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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