Bad, Bad, Andy Dalton

Bad, Bad, Andy Dalton
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Somebody has to write about the Bengals today and the Ohio newspapers seemed a good place to look for material. Many of you may be surprised to find out that Andy Dalton is not only unfit to be a NFL Quarterback but that he’s also a terrible person. From what I have read this morning he is so bad the entire Bengals front office should be fired for not recognizing this and making him the starting QB in the first place.

CINCINNATI —  AP via the Dayton Daily News
Philip Rivers completed only a dozen passes all day, by far his season low. The Chargers knew they didn’t need their highly efficient quarterback to do anything dramatic for a playoff win.
Just let the defense get to Andy Dalton and watch him unravel.

CINCINNATI – Michael Arace – The Columbus Dispatch
 Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton committed turnovers on three consecutive possessions in the second half yesterday. These giveaways were so egregiously awful, mystifyingly stupid and wholly unforced that, in an earlier era, there would have been those in the darker corners of Paul Brown Stadium who might have wondered whose side Dalton was on.

CINCINNATI —  Joe Reedy – Cincinnati Enquirer
Playoff Andy has proven to be Bad Andy. His 334 yards are the second-most in a Bengals playoff game but nearly half (170) came in the fourth quarter as the Chargers led by more than a touchdown. Dalton had three turnovers during an important part of the game as he continues to show that he is good during the regular season but not when the pressure is on.

USA TODAY – Mike Foss
Cincinnati is too good to let Andy Dalton blow another season.
Cincinnati has reached the playoffs in three consecutive years. And in three consecutive years they’ve lost, and Dalton has been just abysmal.  Dalton isn’t capable of getting the Bengals beyond the wild card game. He’s proven that not once, not twice, but three times. This team was too good to go out with such an underwhelming whimper.


BOSTON  –  Ron Borges – The Boston Herald
Andy Dalton needs to buy a mirror.
To be sure, quarterbacks get too much credit for winning and too much blame for losing. But when you throw two interceptions and force your own fumble on a scramble by diving forward you shouldn’t be the one pointing that out. You should be the one saying, “This one is on me.” Instead Dalton kept saying “we.” There is no “I” in team.

MIAMI – Michael Lev – Miami Herald
The longer the game lasted the greater the pressure became on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, who clearly couldn’t handle it. Dalton accounted for three of Cincinnati’s four giveaways, all three coming on successive possessions. This was not an uncommon occurrence for the streaky Dalton, who threw 20 regular-season interceptions, fifth most in the league.

And of course – Nick Canapa – San Diego Union Tribune
These Chargers not Lucky – They’re Good.

So that pretty much wraps it up from East to West and North to South the Bengals lost solely because of Andy Dalton and it should have been expected.  He can’t win the big games, never has. He refuses to take responsibility for the loss. The guy needs to go before he gets a Flacco like contract and buries the Bengals like the Ravens. Fortunately there’s only one year left on his contract and there’s time to replace him before that happens.

I just want to know why I and most everyone else bet on the Bengals yesterday when we all knew this.


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