Bills’ AFCCG Weekend

Bills’ AFCCG Weekend
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"I was wrong Overreaction"........Slick


I was wrong About Josh Allen (Well Not Technically, But Bills Fans Seem to Need a Win)


I apologize for the lateness of this article, but things have been busy.  But really, I think this works better, we can spend a little time talking about Josh, without having to include that supremely average game he played in the divisional round. 


Josh Allen is a better quarterback than I ever thought he’d be.  I’m not alone in my original assessment of the player, most people saw what I saw.  I big guy from a small school who proved that he wasn’t all that smart.  He was an admitted racist and really someone that you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with.  Most people (most Bills fans included) figured that by this point, the Bills would be in a similar position as the Jets, debating who is the next best QB in the upcoming draft. 


But in the last few years, Josh has proven that he is at least a capable NFL quarterback who deserves a job in the league and that he at least will tolerate people of color in his presence.  He has had a season that no one thought possible and led his team to heights not seen since Jim Kelly.  He has now matched the likes of Blake Bortles and Mark Brunell in reaching this lofty goal of playing for a chance to play for a championship.  Josh will get an extension this offseason (assuming the Bills follow the script of every NFL team when it comes to young QBs) and with any luck, the Bills will get a better return out of him than the likes to the Rams or Eagles have gotten from theirs.  (Actually, if the Bills could get Goff-like results from Allen we’ll probably be hearing from the Velvet Mafia about how Josh is a lock for the hall of fame.)  Actually this is where I was really wrong, I said that Josh wouldn’t get a second deal from the Bills, or at least he wouldn’t deserve one.  But he does, no doubt deserve an extension.  We’ll argue about the value of that deal in a few months, today is about the present. 

It’s a big game for Mr. Allen, he has a chance to do something that Mark Sanchez, Bortles, or even Phillip Rivers never achieved, the right to lose to Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.  (well, assuming Tom wins today as well.)   



Go Bills.     



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