Bills Focus: Well that was interesting edition

Bills Focus: Well that was interesting edition
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Bills on Tuesday made a big trade, sending The Legend to Philly and getting Shady McCoy. They thought one trade wasn’t enough so on Wednesday they traded some day 3 picks for Matt Cassel who looks to be the veteran QB for competition the Bills were looking for. This has been two big moves that have huge affects on the Bills free agency and draft plans.

Shady-Legend Trade

Bills are going to be a run heavy offense and they traded away a young, promising LB in Kiko for a top 5 RB in Lesean McCoy. This move is very unpopular since Kiko is sort of a fan favorite among many. But you have to look at the reason why they traded him. Bills had 3 LBs competing for two spots in Bradham, Brown and Kiko. Bradham played very well last year and is more complete than Kiko and Brown while not as good in coverage, is better in run downs. Those two made Kiko expendable and he had the most trade value which is why he was traded.

Shady McCoy is an upgrade over CJ Spiller and give the Bills a guy who can run, catch and pass protect and be the main guy who can take over a game. He led the NFL in rushing in 2013 and last year dropped to only 1319 yards due to a decline in the OL early on and Chip Kelly really liking Darren Sproles. In Buffalo he will get at least 20 carries a game. FredEx will be the 3rd down back with Dixon and Brown being the change of pace guys.

Cassel Trade

Not a big fan in this trade as I don’t think he is any better than Matt Moore or Brian Hoyer who could have been signed for the same amount but cost no picks. But he’s the veteran guy the Bills were looking for and probably means they don’t have to do anymore QB searching in FA.

How this Changes Things

With these two signings the Bills will no longer be in the Revis hunt. They might try to bring back Hughes but he might have priced himself out and will more than likely go elsewhere and get big money there. I expect the Bills to use Free Agency to fill the other guard position and get some guys who know the Rex Ryan defense. Clint Boling is my choice as he is a young,solid guard with some versatility. On defense I expect one of the Landry brothers to be signed to replace Searcy and they probably look at David Harris to replace Spikes.

In the draft the Bills have narrowed their choices for their 1st two picks. Now I expect them to go either TE or pass rusher with the 2nd round pick. Clive Walford is my top choice for the TE spot as he is a well rounded guy and would already be the best TE on the roster. If they go pass rusher, Nate Orchard is my choice as he is a very good pass rushing prospect who can replace Hughes on 3rd down at first. In the 3rd round I expect them to fill the other spot.

Overall these two changes have altered the Bills gameplan as it looks like now they will not be heavily involved in free agency. It also changes their draft focus as it narrows the position they will choose and now they will not be picking a RB like many expected them to.


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