Bills Recap: Go Gata


Bills Recap: Go Gata
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The Bills continued their trend of winning on odd weeks as they beat the Tennessee Titans and their extremely overrated QB. It was not a pretty game as the offense struggled mightily and the defense did everything it could to keep the Bills in it. But like the recent games, the Bills got some 4th quarter magic and came with the win.


Bills Offense


The offense was missing Shady McCoy, Sammy Watkins and Los Williams and it showed.  The run game was led by Boobie Dixon, Boom Herron and Cierre Wood and none of those players put any fear in opposing defenses.  The run game was horrendous for the second consecutive week as they were unable to get any big gains from the running backs.  Some of it was due to the offensive line had struggles on the right side but the majority of it was due to how awful the running backs are.  Boobie Dixon is less athletic than Trent Richardson, Boom is inconsistent and has poor vision and Cierre Wood is just horrible, missing numerous open holes and bounce right into the defender.  Los and Shady will probably be out next week which means the run game will struggle again most likely.


Tyrod for the second consecutive week struggled mightily for the first two and a half quarters. He was missing throws, running into sacks and didn’t look sharp like he was against the Dolphins.  Even on his TD throw to Hogan it was thrown short and Hogan had to make a great adjustment to catch it and get it in the endzone. However as soon as it hit the late third quarter, he made four big plays that ended up winning the game. Taylor had three huge runs all for 20+ yards and looked like nothing was going to bring him down. The running ability is why Rex gave him the starting job and when he starts running and making guys miss, good things happen. In the game winning TD drive, Taylor on third and long had a huge run up the middle as the Titans defense played one of the worst defensive formations possible for that play. Then on his next play on the field, he throws a deep ball to Hogan which drops right in his hands. A couple plays later he throws the TD which wins the game.


Bills Defense


The Bills defense played lights out again and held the Titans to only thirteen points. The Titans followed the trend of throwing primarily short and when the Bills could make the tackle, it was shut down. Marcus Mariota averaged 5.8 yards per attempt and outside of a few lucky scrambles, didn’t do anything. The run game was also stopped as Mariota was their leading rusher and their RBs averaged less than three yards per attempt. Also Stephon Gilmore played his usual great self and while he isn’t an elite corner he’s still pretty good. Overall the Bills defense made Marcus Mariota look like Ryan Lindley.


Overall this was a game won by the defense. They were causing massive havoc and it was that pressure that forced Mariota to throw the game losing pick. Giving up thirteen points is something the Bills will take each week. The offense continued to struggle which is a concern as the Miami and Indy games now look like fools gold. With reinforcements on the way, the Bills offense should hopefully get back on track.


Meanwhile in Florida….


The U and the Florida Gators have not had a good couple of days. In Florida, their “star” QB who was the only reason their offense was any good was caught on PEDs and is out for the year. This means the Gators are now starting Treon Harris. It was not a good day for Florida as the entire Student Body fell off their collective high horse.  Meanwhile in Miami, the U led by Al Golden yet against lost to FSU making it six straight years they have lost. Al Golden is the college version of Joe Philbin as despite being a horrible head coach, many of the fanbase make excuses for him. Al Golden is the perfect coach for the U as he is not bad enough to be fired, and he is just mediocre enough to still keep his job and this is why he will get an extension. Overall both teams dysfunction is great for college football in general and is why both teams should definitely keep on doing what they’re doing.


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